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Plastic Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries
Stand No. CF21

lastic Industry Club is executing many activities to increase competitiveness of Thai plastic industries to promote and compete to the world market. You can find many plastic products manufacturers like household products, plastic bags, straw, helmet,etc.This is the chance and great opportunity to contact the brand owner directly.

Platinum Pro Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AD31

static 4.5 tons/ racking 1.5 tons (model : KAS1012-2LB-1)

Stand No. AY21

PACK EXPO Las Vegas focuses on the latest developments in packaging machinery, materials, packages and containers, and components. The most prominent companies in the industry will be exhibiting and making product introductions at the show.

Pneumax Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AF41

LEYBOLD SOGEVAC FP Oil-Sealed Rotary vane Vacuum pump for the Food and Packaging market, Single Stage 10-1200 m3/hr. - Pumping Water Vapour - Lifetime Lubrication - Simple Maintenance - Preventing Oil Leaks - Low Noise & Environment

Poly Projects Sdn Bhd
Stand No. AL35

We specializes in manufacturing of industrial-grade strapping solutions. As one of the leading suppliers of industrial strapping solutions in Malaysia, we develop professional, reliable, and cost-effective strapping solutions to ensure cargo security for various industries such as constructions materials, wood, ceramics, steel fabrication, shipping cargo, container securing, agriculture, F&B, O&G

PPM Pack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CE05

Welcome to PPMPACK Flexible Packaging Bags. Your source for countless flexible packaging solutions ! For years, PPMPACK has been engeged in flexible packaing solutions which are common used in snack , nuts, pet food, coffee, tea packaging etc.

Stand No. AT31

PPMA incorporating British Automation and Robot Association (BARA) and UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA) is the trade association for UK manufacturers and suppliers of processing and packaging machinery. Visit the UK Pavilion and find UK processing, packaging, vision and robotics partners and register for your copy of Machinery Update magazine.

Precia Molen Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd
Stand No. BP42

Essential Design for Global Application - Simple - Efficient - Accurate

Precision Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BU41

Precision Plastic Co., LTD. is the leading converter producing preforms, closures and bottles for food and beverage industry in Thailand. Preforms and closures accommodates range of applications including still, aseptic, hot-fill and carbonated beverage. Offering wide selection of neck finish 30/35, 29/25, PCO 1810, PCO 1881 and 38mm.

Premier Tech Chronos Ltd.
Stand No. AS11

The OML-1060 is the latest innovation in entry-level, automatic bagging system to fill open-mouth bags with free-flowing products. The OML-1060 is reliable, easy to operate, easy to install in existing packaging line and has a very compact footprint. The system offers quick changeovers between different bag sizes or products.

Primary Engineering (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. BL29

TOMRA Sorting Food is the preferred supplier of sorting, peeling and process analytics solutions for a wide range of applications such as vegetables, (dried) fruit, potatoes, lettuce, nuts, seeds, meat and seafood. TOMRA Sorting offers an integrated approach to maximize yield, optimize production flow and support consistent high-quality output.

Primus Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AH57

We are manufacturers of temperature sensor such as thermocouple, RTD, NTC, PTC and heater such as cartridge heater, finned heater, band heatere, immersion heater, infrared heater, tubular heater (made to order, By made in thailand)

Printmark Solution Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. ED21

The fast CIJ printer for your standard application

Printpack (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. EJ07

Printpack’s innovative and convenient rigid barrier packaging protects your product from oxygen, moisture, microbes, and light. Our products help your brand promise by keeping your product fresh and safe.

Producelabel & Ribbon Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EF21


Professional Service United Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AA41

The robot palletizer is our company popular machine. The machine is used for arrange various product types on the pallet, even cartons, bags or others are no problem. The robot's gripper is particularly designed for each production line which is equipped with the high flexibility.

Project Partner Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BP51

Ruwac Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Solution : Removal of difficult Dust and continuous Duty for all applications and all environments. Certified Quality made in Germany integrated with the intelligent Ruwac Modular System where almost all the components are interchangable. Whatever your Requiremnt is, we have the Solution!

Promark Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EE31

Unicorn II large character ink jet printer ,up to two lines of print built in multiple languages.(Thai Language) economical cost per code solution. Very good ink jet machine.

Promarks Vac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AE26

The vacuum flatten packaging machine Model: FC-700 1.Total built in stainless steel construction 2.Vacuum and flatten function in one 3.Transparent vacuum lid to help user check packing procedure 4.20 programs digital control panel with motor over warning, oil change indicator

ProXES Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Stand No. CD41

With our new initiative of ProXES Chocolate (Let´s Choc the World) we are further creating new processing solutions for chocolatiers worldwide! Our innovative application focused concept covers all steps ´From Roasted Bean to Ganache and a variety of other sweet products like nut pastes, pralines and dough: https://www.proxes-chocolate.com/

PT Components Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AR51

Renold has an unsurpassed reputation for innovation, design and manufacturing skill. Our ranges of industrial chain, gearboxes and couplings are specified for use in power transmission, lifting, conveying and processing applications around the world.

PT Triyotek
Stand No. AN45


PVN Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AF51

Air Drying and Blow-Off Solution PVN is the expertise in blower air solutions; whatever your application are, we have the optimal solution for you Benefits • Performance guarantee • Tailor-made for your application and objectives • 1-Year onsite service • Up to 80% energy saving • Improve quality • Increase capacity • Safe Environment • Low maintenance • Durable

Q S C Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BC42

Water proofing electronic weighting scale, professional solution of food processing.

QickLabel-AstroNova, Inc.
Stand No. EE29

The QL-300 is the world’s first 5-color toner-based tabletop label printer from QuickLabel that enables brand owners to achieve vibrant, unique, and impactful branding that drives product sales.

Qualilty Sealed Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EL01

Quality Sealed ?€?QS?€ Packaging for Meat processed , Fresh meat , Sausages , Sea foods and Frozen packaging. Products Highlight : Vacuum Skin Packaging. 11 Layers Thermoforming film. Shrink bag and Shrink film. Pasteurized and Retort film and Pouch. Microwave steam pouch. Meat dry aged bag. ZIPPER Innovation by ZIP-PAK

Quality Report Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CD06

Drop Tester, DT-80M, is a standard model that is specialized for drop testing of packaged freight. Test specimens up to 80kg. Compliance Standard ???ISO 2248 ???JIS C 60068-2-31

Stand No. BN26

Autofix Nova This model is adapted to flat and ovoid shapes Application of a label on one side Application of 2 front/back side labels of the same format by manual flipping of the papckaging Maxi width strip 130-160-200mm

Raytec Vision S.p.A.
Stand No. BQ22

Spray is an optical sorting machine with the highest resolution cameras to examine the product on the conveyor belt. The system is used to check whole or cut agro-food products. Spray can dispose of colour defects, marked produce and foreign bodies also the same colour as the good product.

Reangwa Standard Industry Co.,Ltd
Stand No. CF24

Unbreakable glass, made from Co-Polyester resin. Key is clear, excellent toughness, good chemical and heat resistance.

Rep Floor Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BL41

Crystalfloor (polished concrete) : transform the ordinary concrete to be the elegance concrete floor with durable, cost effective, low maintenance cost and nature gloss finished.

Repassa Singapore Pte Ltd
Stand No. BD31

REPASSA is focused on Hygienic Processing & Packaging equipment for the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry. We offer innovative and quality Engineered products, from compact powder valves to Sterilization for your packaging line. REPASSA provides local support with Global products and is operating with local offices throughout SEA.

Rheon Automatic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AV49

We provide a wide range of production systems for various products : confectionery, bread, meat, poultry, and processed seafood. Our superiority has been proven by a numerous number of our customers all over the world. Rheon's technologies are now contributing to variety of productions in 120 countries.

Rhima Australia Pty Ltd.
Stand No. AM41

Rhima wheelie bin washers are entirely constructed in stainless steel and are built to food grade standards. They can wash wheelie bins of the following sizes: 120, 240 and 480 L. The units can be fitted with auto loading systems. www.rhima.com.au

Ricciarelli S.p.A.
Stand No. BP40

Automatic packaging and palletizing systems for food industries.

Rieckermann (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AP49

Rieckermann is your reliable service and technology provider. We realize customized high-quality solutions for you - from consultancy, engineering, supply of machinery and technology, project and process management to technical services. With over 125 years of experience and expertise in several industries, we open new opportunities for your industrial production.

Ringier Trade Media Ltd.
Stand No. #

Published 7x a year in English, FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal reaches a qualified controlled readership of 39,830 manufacturing decision makers who plan the purchase of processing and packaging equipment, materials and execute manufacturing strategies; plant managers who evaluate and make recommendations: R&D specialists, purchasing managers who buy ingredients and raw materials.

Riverplus Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AA23

The In-Sight 7500 Gen II series is a full-featured, powerful vision system that performs fast, accurate inspections of a wide range of pants across all industries. Its compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained production lines.

Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH
Stand No. CB11

The Pack 403 is the first machine of our next generation of flow wrappers. Highlights of the machine are: the improved user experience thanks to decals/scales on the machine, the upgraded cross and fin seal units enhance performance, and the removable discharge belt enhances machine efficiency by ejecting faulty products.

Stand No. BQ11

ROTOPLAT LP includes a thin basement, only 30 mm thick and save space thanks to the reduced dimensions of the new ramp. With this LP base the operator can access from every side and load the machine with hand pallet truck via the suitable ramp or using a forklift truck.

Rossini SpA
Stand No. ED02

Rossini Material Product Range is unique and extreemely diverse. It ranges from Carbon Fiber employed of mandrels and Flexo Bridge Sleeves. Fiberglass and PU for various Flexo Presses types. Rubber compunds for infinite applications from Rotogravure, Coating and Lamination and Steal Mandrels for Presses types.

Ruampat Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH51

We are fast grown company who support our customers with the best solution in meat processing and packaging area. With world leading equipment together with best service we have been trusted to be helping hands for almost 30 years and will continue growing side by side with our beloved customer.

Ruian Hengfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BH40

The HFTF-70T series is designed specially for high yield,lower consumption,high hygiene requirement,stable product type and labor saving needs .The advantages of this thermoforming series are high efficiency `,reliability suitable for mass production. Integrated new concept and future trend technology control system to ensure production efficiency and stability.

Rust Chemical Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AJ34

Rust prevention is much more efficient way than rust removal — [Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor(VCI)]. RUSTEC's VCI products consist of diverse type of product lines like film, resin, paper, powder, liquid, etc.

S.I. Firetrade Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EF29

S.I.Firetrade Co.,Ltd. sell coding and marking equipment for production and MFG , EXP Date , Logo , Lot Number , Our equipment can print or mark on any product surfaces.

S.K.P. Interpack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BM21

Description It is the production line machine for corn snack crackers crispy corn snack stuffed with fillings, cocoa, cereal Specifications Screw head is highly durable

Sabklangthong International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AR11

We are professional in design and construction machine for filling and mixing all kinds of liquid product. We can design the machine follow customer’s requirement. We are able to consult customer for set up line or turnkey whole process. We can provide both semi-automatic and automatic line.

Stand No. BR11

SACMI CONTINUOUS COMPRESSION MOLDING FOR PLASTIC CLOSURES. Your 360?? integrated supplier - Over 1600 compression molding systems installed worldwide - Largest mold manufacturer with more than 10.000 stacks produced every year - R&D with more than 600 caps design development and extensive competence through the all production line

Saengsawang World Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BA29

Meat Processing , Frozen Grinder, Mixer, Emulsifier , Filler, Smoke House, and Packaging System

Sakaya Automate Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BD41

APPLICATION: • Mix and blend viscous liquids and ingredients • Incorporate heat during mixing process • Ideal for foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverages, pharmaceutical and chemical industries • Consist of multiple paddles to ensure complete top-bottom product movement • Suitable for medium to high viscosity mixing • Agitator speed can be easily adjusted during operation • Clockwise and/or counter-clockwise stirring motion

Samwoo Automation Inc.
Stand No. AM11

TL 250 has onboard tray forming station with single head tray erector and integrated pick and place robot loader, making the footprint of the machine very compact with high efficiency. Come and visit our booth to see more in detail.

Sanho Machinery Corp.
Stand No. AK11_#

Automatic case corner labeler(LLB-AUTO)

Sanko Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AT11

User's needs are satisfied with a variety of series of model. The operability has been improved by its touch panel control, high-speed operation.

Sanyo Denki Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CC31

SANMOTION C SMC100:Ultra-compact Robot and Motion Controller

Sato Auto-ID (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EB33

Effortless label printing for complex operations. With a 7-inch TFT full colour touch screen, the award winning SATO FX3-LX is a flexible, next-generation label printer suitable for a wide range of industries, including Food, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics.

Stand No. BN28

Scaime eNod4 Bluetooth: Control your Weighing System Remotely SCAIME (France) - With eNodApp Android application, wirelessly communicate and control the eNod4 weighing transmitters. SCAIME is announcing the evolution of its range of eNod4 weighing controllers with the possibility of communication via Bluetooth?? technology.

Stand No. BF32A

S.50-220 is a strong, raised ribs belt for transport of medium-heavy products that require great stability. The belt is designed to support heavy yet unstable and fragile products, and ideal for the bottle/can industry, incl. pasteurizers. For more infomation go to http://www.scanbelt.com/gb/products/product/s-50-220.aspx

Scantrust SA
Stand No. EI21

ScanTrust enables Abbott with product authentication and supply chain traceability of its Similac baby formula through secure digitalization.

SCG packaging Public Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CF28


Schenck Process Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Stand No. BE20

Showing how our Kemutec brand powder processing equipment effectively operate. These include videos for food processing, pharmaceuticals and fine chemical processing. Go on-line to our playlists, via https://lnkd.in/eZPNggZ Watch in action sifters, mixers and mills all designed with hygiene, safety and performance in mind.

Stand No. BU11

Blow Molding Machine (Model : PB16S) Production Speed 28,800BPH Based on 500ml

Stand No. BG36

SEAC FPM-400 is the world's most versatile Nobbing and Filleting machine for smaller fish (8/10--80/100 fpk). Can process five different end products with cap up to 325 fish/min. 40 machines only in the Philippines

Seal Pack Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AW31

Seal Pack Technology Co., Ltd is a Taiwan manufacturer of Automatic Filling & Sealing Package Machine. We can depend on customer inquiry to design the customized machine. For filling device, we can according to the product property integrate with piston filler, pump filler, multi-head filler and volume cup filler…etc.

Sealed Air Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AH31

GH-600LV is an auto unmanned Vertical Type L Bar Sealer developed by our own company, which is widely used in the packaging assembly line of mass production. It can also automatically feed, transport, seal and shrink one-time completed with high efficiency, especially for large products.

Sejin Tech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BB26

It fill, seal and pack material into the pouch bag such as Curry, Soup, rice, liquid shrimp, sausage, bean, snack, and so on.Based on pre-made bag, it is designed. Capacity: 60~90bag per mins.

Stand No. BB24

SEJITECH is designing and manufacturing mixers of optimized type according to the characteristics and purpose of various raw materials. We have 30 years of experience and know-how in this field, and we are a specialized company of powder mixing equipment that continuously conducts R & D.

Selcon Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BG45

Ultra Homo Mixer 100L-200L-500L for High Viscosity Product.

Selig Group
Stand No. EK10

To go Box: it is made of kraft paper. It has double wall structure that is why it looks beauty and sturdy.

Senmasu Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EK11

We'll solve all your problem. Packaging Professor

Senta Smart Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BE01

HIGH SPEED PRE-MADE POUCH FILLER/SEALER MODEL TT-10CWS Improves on our popular TT-9CW by adding an additional station & enhancing filling speed. Duplex filler sealer for use with one or two stage filling applications. Fast,no tool & no scrap changeovers. Highly efficient & durable construction for multi-shift operation &long operating life.

Seoul Automatic Packaging Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

The multi packaging machine can package many kinds of product automaticaly. The categories of products are cosmetics, dye , bottle products and food products etc.

Sepa Korea Corp.
Stand No. AK11_#

Rotary-Lobe pump

Stand No. BN38

A revolutionary blender specially designed to produce standardized milk, as result of an inline mixture. Measurement is carried out directly inside the pipe, with a spectroscopic analyzer, getting results highly accurate and fast, ensuring an instant adjustment of the dosage. No other blender can achieve this results working 100% inline.

Stand No. AL31

Serac Aseptic Combox offering a low and medium work-rate solution for applications using pH neutral and acidic products with speed up to 12,000 PET bottles per hour for the 1-litre format and up to 18,000 PET bottles per hour for the smaller 250 ml formats.

Sesotec (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. AU21

The high-performance INTUITY metal detector is used in the food industry for inspection of packaged, unpacked and bulk products on conveyor systems. Conductive product signals are managed via multi-simultaneous frequency technology to provide detection of all types of metals, stainless steel, iron or brass down to the smallest levels possible.

Sesotec GmbH
Stand No. AU21

The high-performance INTUITY metal detector is used in the food industry for inspection of packaged, unpacked and bulk products on conveyor systems. Conductive product signals are managed via multi-simultaneous frequency technology to provide detection of all types of metals, stainless steel, iron or brass down to the smallest levels possible.

Sevenlakes International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EM01

This year, besides our core expertise in “Thermoforming packaging”, we are so excited to launch our new brand “Din-Biopak” which stands for compostable packaging. Come and experience our compostable cups, lids, straws and save this beautiful earth for our next generation.

Shandong Deli Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BY33

As a leading manufacturer of ALUMINIUM FOIL in China, our products are widely used in food, beverage, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, household commodities and other packaging materials, with broad market prospects and development potential.

Shandong Dmpack Tech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EG21

Quality polyolefin (POF) shrink film manufacturer

Shandong Donglong Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BU39

Safe, fast and easy to maintain, modular plastic conveyor belt, driven by sprocket, so the conveyor belt is not easy to snake, skewed, able to withstand cutting, collision, oil and water resistance, use, replacement will not cause any maintenance problem.

Shandong Xinda Packing Technology Co., Ltd
Stand No. EC19

Shandong Xinda Packing Co., Ltd. produces polyolefin shrink film for the packaging industry. We produce shrink films for a variety of applications. These products include standard, hot-slip, high-speed soft, anti-fog, cross-linking, micro-perforation, color blocks, printing.

Shanghai Acepack International Trade CO.,Ltd
Stand No. BH44

Shanghai Acepack founded in 2005 with CE and ISO certification and innovation patents. It is dedicated to R&D horizontal packaging machines which can be used for plastic pouch forming/ filling/ sealing with spout or zipper functions. And it is widely applied in pharmaceutic/ food/daily chemical liquid/ solid/ granules pouch packaging.

Shanghai BHii Instrument Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AI32

Shanghai BHii successfully integrates both metal detection and checkweighing in 1 working platform, and have them controled and operated by 1 control panel.

Shanghai Changlong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BU10


Stand No. AI39

Gripper Conveyor 1.Aluminum profiles 2.Modular design 3.Applied for various containers 4.Able to handle different products 5.Adiustable width

Shanghai Dingjiang Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Stand No. CG41

DJ-Z25 this seim-auto machine is suitable for high dose granule packing.10-50kg.

Stand No. CH04

Full stainless steel check valves are suitable for use with non-dangerous gas and liquids, and applicable in food, pharmaceutical and other industries with sanitary requirements. Sanitary check valves are non-return ones with spring-loaded stem, by internal thread or tri-clover joints.

Shanghai Huaqi Industry Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BV39

1?Sealing liner Application: With various plastic(LDPE,HDPE,PP,PVC,PET,ABS,PS)?Glass container with screw type cap. 2?Plastic bottle&cap Application: With the characteristics of not easy to be broken and good sealing performance,etc.

Shanghai Huitian New Material Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BY09

Huitian New Material, founded in 1977, is specialized in manufacturing industrial adhesive for flexible packaging, automotive, construction, etc.. Products are well enjoyed in UK, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia...

Stand No. BW31

Provide complete turnkey project for various fruit deep processing line, including: (1) Fruit pretreatment, including raw material selection, impurity removal, cleaning, conveying, crushing, juicing, etc. (2) Process flow technical R&D, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, project installation & commissioning, training service.

Shanghai Komatsu Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd
Stand No. AI41

This machine is Multi-lane liquid&paste automatic filling and packaging machine, Its advantages: wide application, simple operation, easy maintenance . This machine is used in multi-lane of 4-side packing.The suggestion that you can apply it in Multi-lane making when the width X lane amounts + bilateral cutting width ="less" than 300mm

Shanghai Loogal Information Tech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EE10

EAJET is newest TIJ2.5 printer developed by Loogal company. It is with a 7 inch touch screen, support 1-2 print heads. It can print text ,time, image ,counter, barcode and database. It is widely used in the basic package industry.

Stand No. BB40

Conveyor Components for Conveyor System

Shanghai Motech M&E Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AH46

Automatic Carton Erector is a kind of flow-line equipment, using for opening boxboards, folding bottoms of boxboards, sealing bottoms of boxboards automatically on a large scale production; The machine can finish a series of operations, such as carton opening, shaping ,folding and sticking the hot melt glue

Shanghai Nanshi Foreign Economic Co-Operation &Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BM01

ZP4000 Rotary Tablet Press is serial product offers new standard in GMP. Widely used for pharmaceutical, chemistry, foodstuff, electronic, daily utensil industry. It could be used to produce round, double-sided, engraved or irregular tablets in a wide variety of shapes.

Shanghai Onlytec Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BT19

We specialize in producing automatic systems for plastic closure/cap and preform industry. Laser machine is for coding inside the closure

Shanghai Rottweil Handyware Printing Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EB17

Shanghai Rottweil Handyware Printing Technology Co., Ltd is a professional marking and coding company supplying high quality marking equipment that specializes in R&D?design?manufacture and sales.

Shanghai Samro Homogenizer Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BY34

SAMRO Homogenizer Co.,Ltd is a worldwide supplier of high pressure homogenizing systems. We have been specializing in homogenizer from 1980 to continuously advance the technology of homogenization. We are the biggest supplier of the homogenizer of China???our products are exported to Europe, American, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Stand No. BU32

This sleeve labeling machine has delicate & beautiful design , compact structure makes the sleeve labeller flexible, exclusive rotating cutting design, adopt qualified steel make the operation smooth, cutting blade life has improved .Simple mandrel design makes easy change , leading in the same field for special structure design. Unique label blowing design makes the sleeve labeller run fast as well as stably. Widely applied for juice , tea beverage, dairy products, purified water, seasoning products, beer, cosmetics as well as kinds of industries sleeve shrinking .

Shanghai ShuGao Mechanical & Electric CO.,LTD
Stand No. EG30

Independent Research and Development of Equipment/Design/Production/Installation