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Inspire Mach Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH01

Effective Automatic Noodle Machine Line will help save time and increase your quality with easy operation and control.

Instrument Control Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ01

"APS" Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine are designed to be energy saving is our big target for launch to the market. Less maintenance, electrical saving fee , high technology,easy use and best service and good consult. Our stand #BZ01 Hall 4 during 12-14 June, 2019 at Bitec, Bangkok , Thailand.

Integra Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BI31

The INTHERMO is a pre-assembled skid mounted HTST/UHT unit. For pasteurizing the liquid product such as milk, softdrink, juice, tea, syrup, food, etc. The ability of HTST/UHT to assure a safe, finished product hinges on the reliability of the time-temperature-pressure relationships which must prevail whenever the system is in operation.

Intermach & Service Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CC09

The most popular designed for Blowing machine in this era. The Special Feature, 4.5 pront double toggle clamping unit by optimized design for higher clamping force and speed. To improved stability with "Layered" preform heating system.

Interroll (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AC41


Intralox (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. BJ29

See our DirectDrive™ System spirals and revolutionary ThermoDrive® technology. ThermoDrive technology optimizes the operational performance of your hygienic conveyor system with our patented tensionless belt system. Our DirectDrive spirals make operation of your mission critical food equipment reliably smooth, without interruption.

Ishida (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AZ01

Autonomous Packing, an integrated packaging system improves productivity and product quality.

ISL Asia Technologies Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC31

ISL Asia Technologies manufactures IBC System as it is unique way of handling powder and granular materials for different processes such as storage,transport,screening,grinding,weighing,blending and feeding powders. ISL also manufactures its Discharge Station, Fill Head and Universal Big Bag Discharger which offer a complete solutions.

I-Sprint Innovations Pte Ltd
Stand No. EF24

AccessReal is the new generation anti-counterfeiting, track and trace, and interactive consumer engagement bank-grade solution. This solution aims to help business in building consumer trust, improve brand protection, personalize consumer engagement and provide business intelligence for better business planning. Our customers include alcohol, pharmaceutical, automobile, food & beverage, tobacco etc.

Ivackorea Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

Offering the latest integration of the latest vacuum technology and innovation, we introduce our IVAC air driven vacuum pumps. IVAC vacuum pumps allow you to maximize your productivity by giving the necessary vacuum flow and level.

iwis antriebssysteme GmbH & Co. KG
Stand No. CB09

Grip chains with wear-resistant, corrosion-proof clamping elements are used for gripping and transporting thin-walled materials with large surface areas. Sensitive materials such as plastic film packaging, thin sheet metal and other hard sheet materials require careful handling to prevent damage during transport, positioning, feeding, filling, cutting, stretching, forming or sealing.

IWK (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. AD11

TZC Cobot automatic tube loader with AI (Artificial Intelligence), which astonished the packaging world. IWK will show various fully automated packaging lines with tube feeder, tube filler, cartoner and end-of-line equipment.

Izumi Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BS31_#

Silent noise of operation, Simple structure & Easy maintenance, Optimal homogenizing Valves, High standard material for abrasion resistant.

J.C.P.Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AU49

Product pack Manufacturing, publishing, pharmaceuticals, and graphic boxes Can pack products safely without damage with high quality materials and without manual labor From the shrink wrap, we are committed to improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Jacob White Packaging Ltd.
Stand No. AT32

Jacob White are exhibiting an high speed NSX5 Box Packaging Machine with the flexibility to handle a complete range of products,this has been well established in Asia for companies automating their packaging lines. Please come and visit us and discuss how we can help maximize your production output

Stand No. BB28

Pack automatically Pack easy by Pin-Type Case Erector. Apply Tape, Hotmelt anything you want. Meet the Cost Effective Case Erector. Box change time is taken only 5min. Save your space at packaging filed.

Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (JPMA)
Stand No. AU16

JAPAN PACK is a major event where cutting-edge devices, technologies, and services in packaging and related industries from around the world come together with users and buyers every two years. The next exhibition, JAPAN PACK 2019 will be held in Tokyo from October 29th through November 1st, 2019.

Japan Seiko Glass Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EL09

The quality of our Glass Bottles and Glass Jars are well-know as a top class high transparency glass in Japan. We provide many kind of products which surely go well for your products. All our products are made in JAPAN. Available in small lots.

Jiangsu Huihe Packing Machinery Co., Ltd
Stand No. BT26

Rotary type blowing machine with less energy consumption and more reasonable design. With qualified ration upto 99.97% for blowing. Blowing filling capping combiblock also can be supplied if required by the customer.

Jiangsu Jinrong Machinery Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BV36

Automatic Blowing Filling Capping 3 in 1 Machine Product name: blowing,filling,capping 3-in-1 machine Application: bottle blowing,filling, capping for beverages Capacity range: 12000bph-36000bph Applicable beverages: water,carbonated drink, juice/tea etc.

Jiangsu Kaiyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Stand No. BB31

Leading manuafcturer od fruitand vegetable turnkey processing line

Jiangsu Ouk Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BY31

Food mildew preservation, moisture absorption, quality improvement, material packaging.

Jiangyin Huitong Packing Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CD12

1 applicable slitting material: BOPP, CPP, PET, PE, Paper sheet, compound film, plating aluminum film etc 2 material thickness: 0.012~0.15mm 3 slitting speed: 500m/min 4 unwind diameter: 3", 6’’/F800mm 5 unwind width: 1250mm

Stand No. AQ50

1.Much Longer Using Life of Excellent Modular Screws and Square Barrels 2. Stable Performance and Longer Using Life guaranteed by Top Grade Gear Box and Bearings 3.PLC Touch Screen, Max. 24 Recipes Memory 4.Reliable Parts Supplier Partners: SIEMENS-CHINA, OMRON, FUJI, DELTA, LG

Jinan DG Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BV38

Breakfast cereal corn flakes production line is a fully automatic processing line which is designed and developed from DG company combining with European advanced technology. The production line uses corn flour, wheat flour, oat etc as its raw material. By twin screw extruder to accomplish cook curing, pelleting etc.

JINU INP Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

-flexible packaging materials -cold forming Alu Alu Film -retort pouches -microwavable retort pouches -stand up pouches -3 side seal pouches -side gusset pouches -spout pouches -zipper pouches -easy cut pouches -special shape pouches -roll stock film

Jonan Automatic Machine Co., Ltd. / Yokohama Automatic Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV41

Automatic liquid filling & packaging machine model MH330LSS "Pair pack" Filling product : Oil, Paste etc. Filling volume : 3-15 g. / product Packing speed : 30-80 packs / minute Packing type : 3 side seal or 4 side seal

Joong ANG Platec Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

Our main product is the SPOUT series. SPOUT is made by plastics(PE, PP). If you use spout pouches, it is easy to drink and carry for food. It is also suitable for automatic or manual filling or sealing machines.

Stand No. BK21

Our material handling and process engineering solutions are provided to leading players in the chemical and food industries all over the world. We design, supply, build and maintain processing systems for powders, pellets and liquids. We deliver single process lines as well as complete turnkey installations.

Juki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. FY71

20600GEBC Square Telescopic Columns Manual height adjustment for Union Special high performance bag closing machines. For mounting an automatic bag closing machine of styles BC200/BCE300 or 80800. Start-stop of sewing machine and thread chain respectively tape trimming automatically actuated by 2 photoelectric sensors, PLC controlled.

Jupack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

Full automatic pouch fill seal machine sales to USA and Europe

JW Tech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. FY11

We are import company and distributor for Automation Products such as PLC , HMI , Inverter , Servo, Sensor ,Gear , Motor ,Electrical Cabinet etc. We serve Automation Worldwide

K&W Global Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BC01

Length portioning machine for equal lengths in artificial, polyamide and collagen casings using mechanical with casing magazine Divider belt with a fixed portion length that can be changed using quick-release clamps Linking and transfer to hanging Portioning speeds 1600 P/min for artificial and collagen casings

Kacon Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB25

In a smart factory, thermal camera KIS works with smartphones, tablets and PCs for convenient viewing of temperature information. The sensor has a stable protection rating of IP67 by applying a strong PUR cable to the oil. It is a conventional switch and is safe on the machine control panel.

Kanto Kongoki Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BT31_#

Kanto original mixers help you to make the best quality dough. Replacing mixer tools to meet various mixing process. *Safety guard fully covers the mixer bowl thus preventing dust and contamination from entering. *Stainless Steel Product Zone. *Small Type Touch Screen Control Panel. *Easy to clean base (optional)

Kaowna Industry & Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BY53

Handal Oil-Free Single screw air compressor with water lubricating CLASS"0"

Kasetphand Industry Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CD21

Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. (KPI) is an integration provider of Feed Farm Food Turnkey Innovation with over 50 years of experience. We provide product and services for food business covering: 1. Poultry Processing Plants (Slaughter and Further Processing Plant). 2. Shrimp Processing Plant. 3. Fish Processing Plant. 4. Cold Storage

Kaudy Incorporation (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BM59

Plate Heat Exchanger

Stand No. AF29

-Box-motion End-seal Design -Belt Feeding Design : Easier for users to manually load products, and easy for everyday cleaning

Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AC11

Tracking Auto Pick Up Machine combined with AGV

Keyence (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EF35

Industrial Inkjet Printers (MK-U series): world's first auto shower cleaning function with vision system no clogging, easy maintenance, non-contact and high speed printing ex. date,lot number, logo, barcode etc.

KG Lerdphan Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AD49

More than 25 year experience in racking and shelving industry. KG Lerdphan Co.,Ltd. provides full ranges service with high quality products. We are equipped with advance technology and highly precision production line.

Stand No. BX01

Just 5 grams for 500 ml! With its Factor 100 half-litre PET bottle, KHS presents an extremely lightweight container. The lightest 0.5-liter PET bottle for still water known to KHS to date is perfectly adapted to suit its load and gives users huge material savings with the best possible stability.

Khunnarin Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BJ41

Vacuum filling "RVF436 S" is as suitable for the smaller or medium-sized meat-processing companies. Modern servo drive concept for accurate portioning, Minimal energy consumption, Very simple operation thanks to touch screen operation, Extremely low-noise and smooth operation, Simple to fill thanks to folding hopper, Large feed system gently transports the fillings.

Kiefel GmbH
Stand No. AU38

For production of trays, lids, punnets and similar products Kiefel offers the KMD Speedformer series. Flexibility and efficiency will optimize your production. With the modular Kiefel system, the KMD Speedformer series can process various materials like PS, PP, PE, PVC, PET or PLA.

Kihara Works Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BT31_#

Kihara’s SM-4S-EH is a high-quality compact dryer with dew point control system. It has the same drying capacity as a large dryer, while being small-sized. SP-1 is the first full-scale compact dryer for residential use in Japan.

Kinetic Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BA67

With excellent vacuum technology, expert team and many year experiences in freeze drying system for foods, fruits, vegetables, pharmaceutical, nutrition and healthcare products, we are proud to present the high technology product and high efficiency operation mode as well as reasonable price for you as 'Vacuum freeze dryer"

Kinglai Hygienic Materials Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX39

Our main products are key components for Hygienic fluid pipeline system and ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) system, including a vacuum chamber, Hygienic pump, valve, flange, Tubes & fittings, etc. They are mainly applied in such fields which need processing pollution control as biopharmaceuticals, electronic cleaning, and food & beverage.

Kleanz Asia Co., Ltd.
Stand No. FY59

Industrial Vacuum Professional Cleaning Machine

Kluber Lubrication Munchen SE & Co.KG
Stand No. AU32

More Than Food Safety with speciality lubrication.With regard to food safety, advanced speciality lubricants for the food industry are playing an ever bigger part in attaining efficient production and failure-proof machine operation.The tribology expert Klüber Lubrication shall be exhibiting newly developed, high-quality speciality lubricants,and customized services for the food sector.

KM Grand Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB59

KM Grand pack is manufacturer for Waterspray Overpressuress all kinds of packages including flexible and rigid containers such as pouch, bottles,glass jars,etc..System includes static or rotary types in pilot optional host computer system.

KMT Waterjet
Stand No. BF39

KMT manufactures pumps from 60,000psi/15hp to the World’s Fastest Waterjet–90,000PSI/125hp with cutting options up to 8” thick - steel, titanium, granite, glass, rubber, foam, cardboard, food, and more! KMT partners with global OEM’s to provide a range of cutting applications, from 3-axis to 5-axis tables, sawjets, robots and more.

Knife Korea
Stand No. BB23

We have more than 1,000 Korean customers. Our customer's satisfaction makes us as a huge company in korea. Do you want to know what a precise and excellent industrial knife is? Knife korea will show you answer in propak 2019

KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH
Stand No. AP31

KOCH Pac-Systeme presents the blister machine KBS-PL for efficient packaging with sophisticated technology. For productive packaging of high quantities with all common types of foil. For the application fields contact lenses, consumer goods, medical technology. In addition to the KBS-PL, a semi-automatic sealing machine will be presented by shawpack.

Stand No. #

KE-Locker Digital Automatic Machine which is used bread and food manufacture can be bind vnyil bag easily, quickly and automatically.

Kombi Makina
Stand No. BY41


Kongskilde Industries A/S
Stand No. AG50

Kongskilde RVS Rotating Separator has successfully enabled extreme tightness even when exposed to very high vacuum (up to 25,000 Pa in negative pressure). When used in the paper industry, the Multi-purpose RVS Separator can handle anything from cut edge trim, off-cuts and primings in large quantities.

Konnix International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ63

Konnix was founded in June 2001. We now specialize in two main types of flooring ?€“ epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea. Each has its own particular advantages depending on the existing flooring and the type of use.

Korea Packaging Machinery Association (KPMA)
Stand No. AK11,AK21

We are an association of packaging machinery and related machinery manufacturers of Korea, established in 1994. We are focused in the following activities : -Friendship among the members -Education/training programs -Domestic and international exhibitions -Printing and publishing -International information exchange -Packaging machinery export promotion -Awards and Certificates of excellence -Consulting

Stand No. EJ20


Kowa Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AR41

A variety of three-dimensional by exercise any raw materials to ensure sift Kowa vibration sieve machine.

Krones (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. / Krones AG
Stand No. BR01

Contiflow mixer is a superbly harmonised blending system for the soft-drinks sector. It is used for production of highly disparate beverages. Key features of the new generation of mixers are consists of a higher maximum output, stepless output regulation, maintenance-friendlier design, easy-access pump configuration and rigorous use of flanged connections.

KS Pack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

Model No. : KS-1000 (premium model) - Feature : fast working speed (ave. 50 pieces/min, max.100 pieces/min), date-printing unit (solid ink type) 2) Model No. : KS-1010 (popular model) - Feature : more compact size and advanced design, more easy to operate, more economical price - Speed : 20 pieces/min

KTBEL Technics Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AG39

GEA :Granulation Technologies & High Speed Tablet presses. HoongA Packaging Machine from South Korea Packline MATERIAL HANDLING from UK. Sepha : Leak Testing machine Charles Ischi: Tablet testing technology

Kung Long Hong Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AW40

Kung Long Hong is a professional manufacturer of custom packaging bags. We produce doy pack bags, stand up coffee bag with degassing valve and zipper, laminating roll & film, tea packaging, liquid packaging & vacuum retort pouch.

Stand No. EG01

• EVAL Resin: high gas barriers resin for food and agro-culture packaging • PLANTIC: high gas barrier bio-plastic film / sheet • MonoSol: water soluble film for consumer products and edible packaging www.kuraray.com

Kuretake Marketing Sdn Bhd
Stand No. CJ79

Innovative and highly effective labelling and marking solutions for the global retail, service & industrial sectors. www.meto.com

Kyomachi Sangyosharyo Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AB49

the shaker of Kyomachi is also suitable for the field, also easy mounting of the container and can work in a short time. In particular, it`s very popular and active in the research and development department and individual chemicals and food manufacturers.

Kyoraku Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EJ19

Fresh Squeeze Bottle, advanced airless bottle can keep fresh contents by high barrier layer. It is used for foods, cosmetics and personal care.

Kyungseo E & P Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB21

Spout pouch filling and capping machine -Compact size -High efficiency -Reasonable price -22~25 Per/min -Can filling the all kind of liquid

L.Lighting Glass Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. ED12

Glass bottle Soda Glass Tube Automotive Glass Bulb Lead Free Glass Tube

Lachenmeier ApS
Stand No. CB21

Lachenmeier Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping Lachenmeier provide state-of-the art pallet stretch hood and shrink wrap machines. Lachenmeier serves a broad range of market segments from food and beverages, building materials and chemicals to appliances, paper and corrugated, insulation materials and brick products. Lachenmeier is a global leader in pallet wrapping.

Lafatech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ49

High Pressure Cleaner, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Steam Cleaner, Sweepers and Scrubber, Pump, Coral Antipollution System, Tools Hydralic Pump

Lamax Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BK55

Weighing for automated processes With skills in automation and expertise in weighing applications, we offer weighing solutions for optimising your productivity and the availability of your equipment. Our products, designed to integrate into automated systems, for level control in silos or tanks, continuous dosing, filling and sorting by weight.

Lantech LLC
Stand No. AM29

Lantech is widely recognized as the world leader in stretch wrapping technology. As the inventor of the first rotary stretch wrapping machine we have continually innovated with new features and performance enhancing technology. We also are industry leaders in robust and efficient case and tray handling equipment.

Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec USA
Stand No. AJ49

Uni Plast-O-Plast sweet forming machine DUP-800 output up to 800 kgs/per hours for hard-boiled solid or center filled seamless sweets.

Lenze (Sea) Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC39

i500 is the new inverter series in the 0.25 to 132 kW power range. Its distinguishing features: a slim design, scalable functionality and exceptional user friendliness. i500 provides a high-quality inverter that already conforms to future standards in accordance with the EN 50598-2 efficiency classes (IE)

Stand No. AM45

The Packaging Quick Evaluation Tool (PIQET) is an online software service which enables users to undertake Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in support of packaging design. It can compare design options across the full packaging and product life to assess its environmental sustainability.

Lighthouse Systems Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC25

Shopfloor-Online is an MES software suite with out-of-the-box functionality that encompasses the four operational areas of every manufacturing organisation: Production, Quality, Inventory/Logistics and Maintenance. Comprising 26 modules, Shopfloor-Online enables manufacturing organisations to have a flexible and rapid approach to the implementation of MES, and facilitate global rollouts.

Stand No. BF33

Limitech is a Danish manufacturer of multifunctional batch mixers and cookers for the liquid food industry. We supply both stand-alone machines as well as full process lines. Equipped with fully automated PLC control and recipe system, as well as automated CIP cleaning.

Lin Wah Engineering Works (Pte) Ltd.
Stand No. CB31

Case Packer capable to handle various format and ready to work with different products and packing configurations .

Linapack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AG21

LINAPACK range of fill and seal machines are still expanding with new models and new features. This year LINAPACK presents its very popular liquid filling stand-up pouches machine range but also packaging equipment for dry products such as powders and granular products. European?€?s design, manufacturing in Thailand.

Lipmen Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB27

Oxygen Absorber CO2 Gas Absorber Ethylene Absorber Moisture Absorber

Liquid Purification Engineering International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AE49

LPE is leader in membrane separation processes, deliveries of high quality units or systems for the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Beverage and Food industries. Cross flow and dynamic cross flow is becoming more popular for concentration and clarification in juice-beverage. Electrodialyzer is a perfect technology for desalination processes in food products.

Logistics Mart Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AC31

With our systematic engineering surveys and slotting analyses, our experts can design a Storage, Picking, Sorting, Robotic, Conveyor, and Material handling solution for any situation. We integrate the best technology yielding the lowest cost, storage density, and available technologies for the best throughput.

Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co KG
Stand No. EC21

The Logopak 300 series is a cost effective solution for simple, high-speed applications. Clean design, user-friendly operator interface and outstanding print quality. Developed in response to customer feedback, it responds to the requirement for a basic labeller to suit conditions where there is a straightforward application

Lohakij Rung Charoen Sub Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EE12

Laser cut Easy to open !

Long New Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AE29

LongNew has finally evolved the GPS Type Sectional drive system after tremendous efforts and invested many resources in our R&D process. We?€?ve been cooperated with SHI to develop sectional control system using latest technology, it can maximize various benefits of sectional control. It has drastically shows the high-precision register control.

Lung Meng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AC15

3 layer co-extrusion: - Application: stretch hood, food packaging film, agricultural film, industrial packing film, collation shrinkable film, stretch film and cling film, etc. - Minimum power consumption and labor cost. - Improved Die & air ring design ensures higher film quality and easier production control.

Luthi Machinery Company Inc.
Stand No. AT19

Luthi CRSP tuna filler is designed to automatically meter, form and fill pre-cooked tuna loins, chunks or flakes into cans. The machine is constructed of high quality stainless steel. Luthi CRSP machine provide precise fill weight control and maximum product yield.

Luyang Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AW27

Our products are AC motor, DC motor, gear reducer, speed variable motor, brake motor, which support wide application and industries in packing machine, food machine, conveyor machine system, coding machine, cutting machine, sealing machine, sealing machine and any other kind of industry for innovation in motion.

Mahatanee Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ11

ahatanee industrial is a manufacturer which is located in Thailand and provides advice on the PET stretch blow moulding machine in brand "Great PET" The machines of Mahatanee Industrial Co.,Ltd are of various models. Machines are capable of blowing 30 ml bottles to 20 Liter bottle.

Major Point Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AF45

The X-Treme Light is a small / medium format sided tape application machine. It is available in a 700mm or 1000mm wide model and can apply tapes at speeds up to 35m/min. The machine can be fitted with from 1 up to 4 fully use with all types of packaging.

Maplejet Co.
Stand No. EE11

Hx Nitro is an ‘out of the box’ unit. Place an ink cartridge, connect to a power source and print instantly by pushing the ‘print on’ button. Message is designed via portable tab that is user friendly. It removes the hassles of bulky coding printers and wasteful thermal transfer ribbons.

Mariani Srl
Stand No. BP19

COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC CLUSTER PACK MACHINE : MARIANI Model BM 363 S. Machine designed to wrap products like beverage cartons, plastic bottles or similar with rigid bottom glued carton board sleeve in multiple packs. Pack style: cardboard cluster : Standard,Upper Flaps,Neck Through,Pack with handlE.

Markem - Imaje Ltd.
Stand No. EE21

With its straightforward design, the 9018 is ready to print minutes after your purchase even in the harshest environments.

Maruka Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BK51

Specialize in Sushi making machine (Rice cooking, Mixer sushi rice, Shari making,etc) Packing machine both Vertical and Horizontal

Maruto (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AF45

The specialized wafer baking plant RW series is suitable for the production of first class quality wafers discs. These machines can be Equipped with 60 or more baking plates (tongs) according to the required output. The standard size of the baking plates is 500 mm x 175 mm.

Maselli Asia Pacific
Stand No. CC42

The LP series is a complete range of optical sensors for the soft drink and beer industry. The design is modular the system is handled by a control panel to which you may add the desired module. It?€?s possible to upgrade the initial configuration at a later with additional parameters.

Material World Co., Ltd.
Stand No. FY39

Hospitality Thailand, We are importers of products in the service business group. To raise standards The area of cleanliness and safety It also helps to enhance the modern image of the business. With expertise and experience, we are ready to provide advice in all groups of services.
This is a new global product launch.