2019 Exhibitor List

Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum Foil Co.,Ltd.

e are one of the leading China manufacturers of high-quality Aluminum foil ranging thickness from 0.0045mm to 0.100mm. Our products are widely used in the food packaging industries and are exported to many countries including USA, Europe, Middle East, India and South East Asia.

Company Name: Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum Foil Co.,Ltd.
Stand No.: EK01
Hall: 106
Zone: MaterialsAsia | ProPak Asia
Country/Region: Singapore
One of China??s most prominent manufacturer of quality aluminum foil. Its facilities are located in the Yunnan Province. Singapore branch was set up since 2016 which main mission is to provide close proximity sales and marketing services to the Sout...

No 510 Thomson Road, SLF Building #02-02, Singapore 298135, Singapore
Tel : +65-6356 8139
Fax : +65-6356 8139
E-mail : [email protected]
Website : http://www.ylgf.com
SME : No