The 27th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia

2018 Product Highlights

3M Thailand Ltd.
Stand No. CJ76
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Tests — qualitative immunochromatographic assays for rapid in-plant monitoring of specific food allergens.Designed for accurate detection of processed and unprocessed allergen proteins, these fast
949 Supplies Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AJ39
Stonclad UL floor system, a tough Self-leveling Slurry Polyurethane Mortar designed particularly for food and beverage facilities. The floor is seamless, durable, water, wear and impact resistance. It is quick to install, suitable for new and renovation projects that have limited shutdown time.
A&D Company Limited
Stand No. AV39
A&D’s new X-ray system (AD-4991) combines high sensitivity and user-friendly operation, allowing A&D to provide a complete inspection solution to maximise product safety. Our new heavy duty checkweigher is also being showcased, alongside our wide range of Traffic Light Packing Scales; the simplest way to improve any manual packing process.
A.J. Plast Public Company Limited
Stand No. EH11
A.J. Plast Public Company Limited established in 1987, as a high quality manufacturer of biaxially oriented films with total solutions for flexible packaging industry. The total capacity are 261,000 metric tons per year
Absolute Packaging and Automation Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AB19
Absolute Packaging and Automation Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and experience teamwork. We provide our customers the best processing and packaging machine solutions for Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical and other industries. We believe that quality and responsibility are the key success factor.
Acpak International Pte. Ltd.
Stand No. BE29
ACPAK manufactures a wide range of automation packaging machinery for filling aerosols, liquids, and other products. Following the launch of our Linear-Indexing Automatic Aerosol Filling Line at Ningbo show in 2017, in Propak 2018 we are showcasing our latest Automatic BAG-ON-VALVE Filling Machine featuring under-cup gassing/crimping and high-pressure liquid filling.
AFA Systems Ltd.
Stand No. AX28
The VC-VCA - Vertical Autoload Cartoner is a new innovation from AFA Systems. The system can run up to 300 bottles per minute and has the ability to run auto-bottom, glue or tuck style cartons. An Allen Bradley Controls System is standard on the VC-VCA.
AFA Technologies Sdn Bhd
Stand No. AL24
Leading Expert in Medical Testing, Packing & Robotic Automation Solutions. We supply Thermo-Form Fill Seal packaging machine..
Alliance Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AU41
IQ4 Metal Detector Conveyor
With significant improvements in signal processing, the new Auto-Learn rapidly delivers excellent detection sensitivities out of the box and provides more line uptime than ever before, variable frequency detection 31 to 882 kHz, Graphical DDS vector display and PVS improvements help increase the usefulness.
AMP International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AS55
The UST Detail Brush is designed for detail cleaning in dry environments where soft bristles are useful and hygiene is critical, such as when allergens are a risk. Also useful as a pastry or glazing brush in food handling applications.
Anhui Zhongyi Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Stand No. AI21
Premade pouch packing machine.

Small sachet packing machine for powder.
Anritsu Infivis (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BD01
Magnetic-field control: A prescient technology, courtesy of our engineers' relentless spirit of inquiry.
A-PACK Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AK11
Korean manufactured Automatic Labeling System Machine applied individual servo system to label feeding and cutting for stable labelling as well as high efficiency at high speed production. After that conveyor leads bottles (round, square and flat) to steam tunnel for without bubble marks and wrinkles.
APLIX (Hong Kong) Limited
Stand No. EH21
EASY-LOCK by APLIX is a sensory and intuitive closure for flexible packaging.

Characteristics and Benefits:
  • Tactile & Audible Feedback when opening and closing
  • Reliable Closure
  • Easy to use
  • Freshness Preserved
  • Ideal for powedered products
Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)
Stand No. CJ21
The AIP will be launching the residential Master of Food and Packaging Innovation inter-disciplinary degree that explores food processing,entrepreneurship and innovation in product and packaging design at an advanced level.
Autopack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AJ21
The CMOS type machine are currently manufactured with in width 50 and 70 based on maximum film width.

Each model can be operated in single track mode (Models 50 and 70) and in two or three track mode (Models 52 and 72).
AZO Ltd. (Thailand)
Stand No. BJ11
Filling of small containers with integrated weighing device

The modular station by AZO allows gravimetric filling of products in small to medium-size batches. The focus here is on easy cleaning, a high level of versatility and fast retooling to accommodate different small containers like tubs, drums, boxes with inliners, bags and sacks
BAK Asia Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ55
COMPACT Hot air blower for continuous operation Variable temperature- and air flow setting. Our hot air blower type Compact is the most powerful of its kind worldwide. Ideal for heating, activating, shrinking, packaging and drying. Its an integrated strong Servo motor build in which is ideal for 24/7 continuous work.
Baker Perkins Ltd.
Stand No. AT35
The new SBX Master extruder offers flexible, high-output production of a wide range of foods including breakfast cereals, snacks and ingredients like breadcrumbs and modified floors. A preconditioner heats and hydrates infeed ingredients to increase output and product variety while an array of post-extrusion forming equipment further increases versatility.
Baopack Auto Packaging Machine Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AH50
Machine running stable, outlook is simple and fashion, with normal speed, fast speed and high speed
Barflex Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AK39
BARFLEX CORPORATION introduces Johas™ Vacuum Skin Packaging. VSP packaging is aptly timed as food safety and sustainable packaging become two critical value. Johas™ film, tray and machine are widely used to fresh meat, seafood and ready meal packaging as it combines three key functions; Extended shelf-life, High-durability and Easy-peel.
Benison (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AQ21
Benison is a leading manufacturer of Auto Shrink Sleeve machine, wrapping machine, mini pillow, heat tunnel, steam tunnel, POF film, Pvc film. PET film.

Benison is reliable partner for you
BKP Pass Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB59
Plastic Modular Belts High Temperature Material
  • High Strength and Stiffness
  • Suitable For Direct Contact with Food
  • Low Water Absorption, Near Zero (0.02%)
  • Temperatures Up To 200°C in Continuous Service; Possible Temperature Peaks Up To 270°C
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Flame Retardant, V-0 Inflammability Ratio
Bosspack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AM14
MOSSPACK is functional film absorbing moisture in the packaging without dehumidifying agent. It can extend the effectively shelf life of dry packaged foods up to 3 times and helps the industry reduce packaging costs by replacing silica gel and streamlining its packaging process. It is safe and innovative technology.
B-TAC Industrial Automation Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AT49
The NFC Technology as vacuum system for packaging industry. Energy and Process Control Data as a Basis for Industry 4.0
And ACE Deceleration & Vibration Technology.

Your partner for industrial shock absorbers, gas springs and vibration technology.

Our products help to make your production processes faster, more efficient, quieter, safer and more sustainable.
CAB Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AH29
The MACH 4S provide all features of an industrial printer with a wide application range. The print mechanics and the chassis are made of high-quality materials and perfectly match in terms of shape and function.
Changzhou Jerry Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AI38
  • Compact filling and capping equipment
  • Piston dosing control
  • Capper for different types of caps
  • Stainless steel chassis AISI 304
  • HMI control with touchscreen
  • Filling capacity from 50ml to 1L
  • Filling speed up to 2 000* packages/hour
  • Settings storage capacity for easy setup
Chukoh Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AF44
ASF-121FR This tape consists of silicone adhesive applied to base material made of PTFE film. Its characteristics are grey color, very low heat shrinkage, heat resistance, electrical insulation, and surface smoothness.
Clean Air Innovation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AB11
HVAC and Cleanroom specialist for pharmaceutical, hospital and related industry
Code Plus Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EE35
The POLY tij S3i printer is a fully featured printer capable of high resolution printing with incredibly simple operation & low cost performance.
CSi industries B.V.
Stand No. AN49
The i-Pal robot cell is an end-of-line palletising concept which allows for phased automation of multiple production or packaging lines. With its small footprint, it fits practically everywhere. The mechatronic design, its multifunctional components and its reliable software bring a lot of functionality at very low operational costs.
Daesung Food Tech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AK30
Daesung Food Tech started since 1984. During around past 30years we have well developed high technology and got many know-how concerned. So we now have an outstanding technology on design, engineering, and manufacturing in the field of Process, Filling and Packaging technology and Logistics.
DC Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AK21
Capping machine controlled by Servo drive for trigger cap & dispensor bottle in Auotomatic.
Delmax Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BQ01
This machine type is fill the liquid, Weighing systems and rotary system, That used load cell for help to control the volume is most accurate. The rotary filling system (36 heads) have the load cell in each heads, That separate work well independently for accurate and easy to use.
Stand No. BF37
The all new DETECTRONIC metal detector for the food industry is a revolution in its class. It features unprecedented sensitivities due to its unique mapping technology. An all new multi color 7" touch screen, auto learn function, 4 level of passwords, report printing and the unique IP68/69K protection.
DISC Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB28
We are making cold chain product and other some unique product to be freshed. Please come to our booth and see it.

Stand No. AS36
Ecomec - your reliable partner for used machinery
Used confectionery process and packaging machinery
Chocolate, candy, biscuit and wafer machinery
Stand No. BF35
Ehcolo A/S are manufacturing palletizers for bags and boxes plus supplying complete turnkey packing lines inclusive of bagging machines + palletizers + stretch wrapper or stretch hooder. The new palletizers from Ehcolo are complete servo controlled and with energy saving systems, saving 15 - 20% compared to all others.
Elgi Equipments Ltd.
Stand No. BY39
ELGi's ‘Global Series’ screw air compressors are the life source of industries worldwide. With the world's lowest oil carryover, the machines run better, longer and cost effectively. More than 2 million ELGi compressors operate across 70 countries, offering the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.
Eminence International Ltd.
Stand No. BP01
Double-Layer Rotary Tableting Machine

Reliable and reputable supplying of rotary tableting press, designed for double-layer tableting purpose with single-sided output, it can also be easily converted for single layer tablet production, but with double-sided output. Both layers can be easily weight controlled respectively.
Stand No. AK12
What is important to us, is that our compact machine, various tray type and filmes are going to protect and enhance your product, allowing you to maximise your sales and grow your business.
Erawan Union Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BA11
The new Scan Cut 225 Portion Cutter is the ultimate, high-speed cutting machine for lean production of fresh, boneless meats. The Scan Cut cuts products with a precise, fixed weight in high-speed production environments, and contribute to reducing give-away and maintaining a high yield-percentage.
European Tech Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BP63
DeltaVITA bead mills are designed to produce ultra fine particles and nano-suspensions to increase the bioavailability and to reduce the required amount of API. DeltaVITA has the advantages for sterile pharmaceutical production with CIP/SIP. Special FDA certified VITAbeads for nano-size. R&D machines and production scale machines.
EVA Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Autopak
Stand No. AA11
"AUTOPAK is not only a machine but is your best partner!"

Labelling machine hight speed type suitable for pharma maufacturing , and many types of them wait your proving

AUTOPAK understand that our customer should not bear with the nuisance derived from having no collaborative problem-solver between labeling machine and label printing.
Exile Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CJ73
New. Herma Basic.
The new HERMA basic
Economic labeller for standard uses
Express Plaspack (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AJ11
  1. Lid Film - Easy peel for 'Ready to eat meal' which microwaveable & oven-able
  2. Barrier Film - Co-extrusion with 7 layers which produces by European Machine for increase products's shelf life 15-30%
  3. Shrink Film & Retort for reputation companies
  4. PET's Line products
  5. Provide reachable machine with heartfelt services
Festo Ltd.
Stand No. AG29
Festo Spindle axis ELGC-BS and toothed belt axis ELGC-TB

Precise, capable of carrying heavy loads and durable, the linear axes ELGC have an internal, protected recirculating ball bearing guide and lifetime lubrication. The weight-optimised design and smooth, clean look surfaces create handling systems that are fit to be seen.
Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BK19
Rotary Overpressure Water Spray Retort is designed and manufactured by Food Machinery Co., Ltd. with up-to-date technology. It helps reducing sterilize duration because the rotation increases heat transfer ability. Moreover, it is suitable for viscous and thick food texture.
Forefront Food Tech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BK11
The high speed sausage vacuum filler by portioning butterfly chain and twin-horn casing loader
Fresone Co.,Ltd
Stand No. AK40
One way degassing valves for fermented food.
G HWA Industries Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BL41
G HWA’s Quality Management System is certified by ASME-BPE, which is the leading Standard on how to design and build equipment and systems used in the production of biopharmaceuticals, it brings together standard stainless steel component types, length sizing, round & squareness tolerances, and additionally the manufacturing materials are standardized.
Gebo Cermex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BW01
CoboAccess™_Pal: not just a cobot, an INDUSTRIAL cobotic palletizing solution.
CoboAccess™_Pal is an advanced and modular cobotic palletizer, ideal when looking for a robust, easy to use and affordable palletizing solution.
Embedding Gebo Cermex’s high safety standard, this ultra-compact fenceless cell perfectly match the needs of very demanding environments.
German Engineering & Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CD19
  • Complete new packaging lines
  • Manufacturing of all kinds of conveyors
  • Secondhand machines
  • We are doing sales and service of spare parts
  • We are involved inrelocation of machinery
Glud & Marstrand
Stand No. BF41
Our range of aluminium cans for seafood consists of Hansa can, Club can, Dingley can and a range of conical round cans.

G&M also offers services from our Technical Customer department for adjusting and handling your equipment in order to optimise process efficiency, minimise waste and ensure high-quality packaging.
Gold Peg International
Stand No. AM37
The RotaTherm® is the world’s leading Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking System.

It features process flexibility and precise control that delivers fresher end product; increased yield; and low waste continuously for up to 156 hours.

Suitable for fast and thorough pasteurising and sterilising of Processed Cheese, Sauces, Baby-Food, Pet-Food & more
Greater Tech Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AS41
We are professional in the design and construction of machinery for the food and beverage industry. However, we are able to design the machine and production line according to the customer's product and production area. Thai Machinery Quality International Standards.
Grupo Aguilar - Inter Maquinas Aguilar SL
Stand No. BG39
Complete second hand pakcing lines.
First brand used and renewed European machines:
  • Labellers
  • Wrap around cartoning machines
  • Sleeve box machines
  • Tray packing machines
  • Palletizers
Guangzhou Fresh World Co., Ltd
Stand No. EH28
Fresh World Food Vacuum Sealer Manufacture,FW-3150 is our hot model vacuum sealer models. please contact us in free by : 0086 020-36700896-815
Guangzhou Skybrighter Industrial Development Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BT13
  • High speed Can Filling and Seaming production line
  • Existing production line conversion and modification
  • Seaming tools
  • Craft beer production line
  • Automatic lid unwrapping and feeding system
H. Ikeuchi & Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AY43
World's most effective humidifier "AKIMist E" prevents troubles caused by static charge, such as product damage, (electrostatic damage) and debris/dust adhesion, etc.
Hangzhou Huilong Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BY09
This type of machine is mainly designed for canning an unlimited variety of products, such as dried-fruit, granule foods, and non-foods such as detergents etc.

It is characteristic:
Intergrate Blowing, Canning, Sealing, Campping machine, and printers into a whole line by utilizing the intergration control and mechanical transmission technology. without pollution saving space & energy.
Hangzhou Zon Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd
Stand No. EG29
Multihead Weigher, Linear Weigher, VFFS Vertical Packing Machine, Rotary Packing Machine
Harn Engineering Solutions Public Company Limited
Stand No. EE19
“Teleprint” it communicates with the devices and equipment installed at customer where their status can be monitored from the company’s service center. Our Service Team can view data as such equipment efficiency, warning messages, time to replenish consumable items and etc.
Hi-Cook (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BE01
Diplo Oven for excellent cooking with Superheated steam and/or hot air for various product kinds in drying, steam and baking even fried eggs are cooked perfectly. Cooking parameter for each cooking chamber are programmed independently. Manufacturing by HI-COOK (Thailand) and maintain the quality standard typical of HI-COOK Japan
Stand No. AM31
HMPS designs and builds packaging machinery to pack just about anything from pouches and sachets to cans and bottles. Come and view our all new machine design which is being launched at Propak for the first time! HMPS designs to your requirement.
Hoermann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft
Stand No. AB31
Spiral door HS 7030 PU

The sections are securely guided into a spiral bracket without any contact. With the high-performance 3-phase frequency converter control and the chain mechanism with spring compensation, the door reaches an opening speed of up to 2.5 m/s. It can also be fitted externally.
Hualian Machinery Group Wenzhou Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH31
BSF-6030XIII + BS-6040L FRONTAL FEEDING AUTOMATIC SLEEVE SEALING MACHINE WITH SHRINK TUNNEL it can be operated as a stand alone unit, or be integrated into production line to achieve the process of products infeed, film wrapping, sealing & cutting, shrinking, cooling and shape-forming automatically.
Innovate Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AR11
"FUJI KIKAI" Printing and Dry Laminate Machine, "HAGIHARA" Slitter and Rewinder Machine, "SUMITOMO" Extrusion Laminate Machine, "TAIYO" Servo Drive System and "TSM" Gravimetric Batch Blender are one of the best manufacture in flexible packaging. If you are looking of Japaness quality, please visit at AR11!!
Inspire Mach Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BG01

Vacuum Bowl Cutter

To improve your product higher quality! Vacuum Bowl cutters can do it.

Main advantages of making product under vacuum are digestion higher protein, reduce oxidation which lead to optimized production shelf life, better binding in meat, and longer color retention.
Instrument Control Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ01
"APS" L-Sealer Packing Machine is the answer to our customer who really need close all side of packing with three-sided seam. Not only this type, we also supply the packing system, please visit our booth BZ01 Pavilion Hall104 at ProPak Asia 2018. See you then.
Interthai Industrial Systems Ltd.
Stand No. AE43
ZI-TEC introduces Floeter’s AIRWAVE: the next generation of air cushion machine.

AirWave delivers powerful performance with quick, quiet, connected to Bluetooth, modular and cost-efficient and Light at only 5.6Kg. It supplies up to 4 workstations with reliable air cushions – made in Germany.
IWK (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. AD11
  • Tube feeding machine model TZF
  • Tube filling machine model FP18-1
  • Cartoning machine model HC5
Jinan Arrow Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AH48
Multi-function for different snacks applications:
FT serise uses the Modular Circular Groove Screws.
Much Longer Using Life of Excellent Modular Screws and Square Barrels.
Different Heating Source Options and Low Maintenance charge.
Stable Performance and Longer Using Life guarantee by Top Grade Gear Box and Bearings.
PLC Touch Screen, Max. 24 Recipes Memory.
Stand No. BB29
Model : JS-5000 / JS-3000
Movement speed : Over160mm/sec
  • Less nose,Easy clean,Fast feeding
  • Users can established by mounting multiful open gate unit.
  • Motor: 220V/380V/3-Phase
  • Inverter:220V/380V Designated
K&W Global Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BC01
K&W GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) is the authorized representative of the world's leading meat processing machinery, especially for sausages, pet food and meat processing products. In PROPAK ASIA 2018, the new innovations as well as the latest technology will be distinctively presented.
Kacon Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB25

  • IP 67 Perfect Waterproof design
  • Suitable for thermal quality control and system
    security from danger of electrical problem.
Kawashima Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AE39
The forests, the seas, the sky - in a delicate balance, nature envelops human life. On another, but not dissimilar, realm, Kawashima sees the physical envelope for your product as part of a comprehensive packaging plan - aesthetically, sensitively, as we have for more than 85 years.
Kinetic Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BA67
With excellent vacuum technology expert team and many year experiences in freeze drying system for foods, fruits, vegetables, pharmaceutical, nutrition and healthcare products, we are proud to present the high technology with good quality product and high efficient operation mode as well as reasonable price for you “Vacuum Freeze Dryer”
Kirloskar South East Asia Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AE50
Kirloskar South East Asia, Thailand is South East Asia office of Kirloskar Pneumatic Co.,Ltd from India, One of the leading companies in air-gas-refrigeration compressors and packages. This compressors find wide application like utility air, food and bev processing preservation, oil and gas, pharma, chemicals, agriculture, packaging.....Visit :
KMT Waterjet
Stand No. AU36
The World's Fastest Waterjet system (90,000psi or 6,200bar). Cut steel, aluminum, titanium, plastic, foam, glass, stone, marble, tile, rubber, cakes, celery, fish, chicken, and much more. Global OEM network integrator machines ranging from two axis gantry systems to six axis robotic systems for automotive applications. Cut materials-12 inches thick.
KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH
Stand No. AP31
KOCH Pac-Systeme presents the blister machine KBS-PL for efficient packaging with sophisticated technology. For productive packaging of high quantities with all common types of foil. For the application fields contact lenses, consumer goods, medical technology. Experience automated packaging in Bangkok using the blister machine KBS-PL shown with a pick&place solution.
Konnix International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ63
Konnix International Co., Ltd. supply and install polymer flooring and Fiberglass grating. These products protect your plant’s most corrosive environments. Konnix is the expertise of specialized field of resin floor, wall and cove installations, surface treatments predominantly for concrete substrates - improving chemical and impact resistance.
Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Stand No. EG01
EVALTM is registered trademark for ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resin and film manufactured by Kuraray. Thanks to its outstanding barrier properties and excellent processability, EVALTM resin is suited for food, cosmetic and agricultural packaging. Kurarister is transparent retortable barrier film and PLANTIC is bio-based barrier material for food packaging.
Kyungseo E & P Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB24
Spout Pouch Packing Machine
Dimension: 1300x850x1600
Packing Speed: Max.25EA
Packing Capacity: 20~500ml
Packing Range: Juice, Paste, Cosmetic

no matter the pouch shape can pack all with this machine
much cheaper and more benefit than big facilities packing machine.

[email protected]
Laz Step Ltd.
Stand No. AX57
The LAZ Step Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of the PET cans that come in the different designs, shapes, and patterns. We are also a manufacturer and distributor of the quality cans seamer.

High quality and endurance with long useful life.
Liaoyang Trueeasy Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BV31
Liaoning Trueeasy is the first enterprise which specialize in researching and developing and producing of linear fully automatic bottle blowing machine. Adhere to “suitable is the best” principle, our company combines rich experience of beverage and injection, adopting the best technological process of hardware and software when we research and development. The main electric components and parts of the bottle blowing machine adopt international famous brand with good compatibility, ensure the machine can achieve the most stability when they are working process.
Lighthouse Systems Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC25
Shopfloor-Online is modular MES/MOM software with out-of-the-box functionalities across all four areas of plant operations, production, quality, inventory/logistics and maintenance. The MES enables Smart Manufacturing through real-time visibility of the entire manufacturing operations. Some of the largest packaging companies use Shopfloor-Online globally, in metal, paper, plastic and glass industries.
Linapack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AG21
LINAPACK range of fill and seal machines are still expanding with new models and new features. This year LINAPACK presents its usual liquid filling stand-up pouches machine range but also new packaging equipment for dry products such as powders and granular products. European design, manufacturing in Thailand.
Logistics Mart Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AC31
With our systematic engineering surveys and slotting analyses, our experts can design a Storage, Picking, Sorting, Robotic, Conveyor, and Material handling solution for any situation. We integrate the best technology yielding the lowest cost, storage density, and available technologies for the best throughput.
Mahatanee Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CF09
MAHATANEE INDUSTRIAL has been the leader Thailand producer of PET blow molding machinery in under GREAT-PET brand for the past 20 years. The Company has machines in various models that can blow 30 ml up to 20 L ones.

New GP-1000 is Highlight this year, Low cost but high performance.
Mariani Srl
Stand No. BP19


Machine suitable to wrap SINGLE SERVE CARTONS type and similar packages into shrinked wrapped bundles.

The Mariani shrink wrapping machines are tailor-made, compact and designed to pack different kinds of containers. Using a sealing system which minimises material usage.
Mawin Plastics Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EE10
Mawin Plastics Co. Ltd., we have taken this opportunity to become the pioneer in producing the best quality spout caps in Thailand. Our wide range of spout caps were designed purposefully for various usages.Such as for skincare, consumer, and food and beverage product.
Mechanical & Food Process Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH11
Mech Food is Leader in Design , Manufacturing , Installation and Service of Machine & Conveyor System for Food & Beverage Processing and other Industries under Standard ISO 9001 : 2015. With more than 22 years we have been developing our technology and productivity.
Mechatronics Designed Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EC35
Mechatronics Designed present the smart labeling and capping machine to meet the demand for product customization.

The Front-Back labeling machine provides precise label placement at any operating speed by synchronized flying servo for bottle movement controlled.

The Capping machine provides servo torque control with 4 rollers and gripper for each cap type.
Mikasa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EG19
Usage: For Normal Temperature
Seasoning Products: Fishsuace & Soy Sauce
Resin: PE --- Polyethylene
Container: For Glass Bottles
Emboss Logos: As Per Requirement
Minox Valves & Fitting Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EG25
MINOX is now one of the brand leaders in South-East Asia and a preferred supplier of food and pharmaceutical grade stainless-steel valves, fittings and tubes to many of the world's leading beverage manufacturers and engineering companies who required a high standard of hygiene, product integrity and purity.
Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific, Ltd.
Stand No. EG09
The Mitsui Chemicals Group offers “One Stop Solutions” for packaging by providing not only various types of packaging materials including resin, resin modifier, adhesive and films, but also technical support based on our global linked knowledge and experience. You can leave everything about packaging to us.
MNT Food Machine Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BM39
We are the leader of producer of food industrial machinery with the best quality of products and services after purchase in Thailand. We are honest and sincere to bring food service to our customers and the company has been entrusted from very large number of main food producers in the country.
Mosca Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. BD20
Mosca's MS-6 are the first side-seal strapping machines to feature the economic SoniXs ultrasonic welding technology. All MS-6 series can be easily integrated into existing production lines and are able to process narrow PP-strap materials with a width of 5 to 12 mm which enables a reduction of consumable costs
MSE (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. AZ41
The JEROS ACE cleaning system is the most flexible and efficient cleaning system for scale parts.

The System help you achieve more productivities in cleaning process by reducing the product change-over time, cuts labour costs, makes cleaning easier and has a perfect cleaning result.
Multiphase Corporation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AC19
High efficiency, dry and frictionless compression
claw vacuum pump
with IE3 motors.
Suction capacity 290m3/hr at50Hz
Ultimate vacuum at continuous
operation 150 mbar.
Ultimate vacuum 100mbar at
continuous operation on requested.
Low maintenance, integrated air cooling
without additional cooling medium.
Flange mounted motors correspond to DIN
EN 60034, have IP 55 protection,
insulation ClassF.
N.R. Rama Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BG21
N.R. Packaging Co.,Ltd is specialized in developing and creating packages for pharmaceutical, food, beverages and cosmetic industries. As the company possesses advanced technology and experienced technicians and experts, we can ensure quality and variety of our packaging products including PET bottles and PET preforms for drinking water, etc.
Navector (Shanghai) Screening Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH41
China leading sieving machine. Easy to replace the screen. Motor is easy to adjust. Perfect welding and suface treatment.
NCR Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AL63

DIMENSIONING SYSTEM FOR SPACE MANAGEMENT OPTIMIZATIO is a small stational or portable cubing system that uses a combination of infrared and ultrasonic sensing technologies to measure and weigh parts, SKU's, and boxed items.
ND Electric Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AL75
  • High quality sensors with first-class sensing ranges
  • Miniature plastic housing, 20 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm
  • Red light
  • IO-Link interface available on PNP types
  • Mutual interference immunity
  • Versions available with stability alarm as second output
  • Enclosure rating IP67, Ecolab approved
Netzsch Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE39
New concept of pump worked in your process
  • No dis-assembling pump from your pipe connection
  • Easier access to all rotating parts
  • Reduce space of installation in Progressive cavity pump as no space required to change stator
Nikkei Siam Aluminium Limited
Stand No. AB39
Cold Chain Solution system
Track Body
Cold wearhouse
Convenlence store cold room
Food processing factory
Clean room
External wall
Ningbo Yinzhou Guanghui Composite Material Ltd.
Stand No. EH31
A trustworthy manufacturer, mainly products are PTFE Fabric Tape, PTFE Film Tape, PTFE Fabric. All products are with heat resistance function. Welcome to contact with us for more information.
Nippon Polystar Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV22
Model: PAW-6000B
Vegetable wrapping machine
  • High performance and speed for wrapping vegetables
  • Easy operation and Stores 100kinds of item data
  • PAMS (OPTION): Wrapping system which calculates optical bag length depending on each item length, and seals and cuts bags automatically. PAMS is very effective to wrap vegetables of various length.
Nitto Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EI20
Our transparent retort pouch has a unique character which is its barrier properties gets higher after boiling or retort sterilization. By not using aluminium foil, our pouch can be used metal detector and microwave oven.
Now Systems Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AM15
NAD4000 Series metal detector detects even the smallest metal particles safely and reliably in every type of aluminum-packaged product.Compared with X-Ray scanners, NAD4000 Series overcomes the high density differences in product or high evaluation thresholds due to variations in the production process.
Ntek Plas Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BY21
NTEK PLAS Co., Ltd is specialized in completed drinking water production line consulting, starting from preform provider, field investigation for installation planning, and also after sale servicing.

We provide the turnkey complete bottled water production line to customer's needs including of PET Blowing Machine until Shrink Packing Machine complete.
Official Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CF32
Basic safety and performance objectives fume hood shall be designed such that Hazardous concentrations or quantities of airborne contaminants are prevented from escaping from the fume hood into the room

Fumes are removed efficiently to reduce the susceptibility to an explosive or hazardous atmosphere inside the workspace.
Okada Shigyo Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EB10
OK Cut Series:
Perforation on the surface at a certain point makes it easy to open with less power by anyone.
No damage on a barrier layer.
No need of a notch.

Barrier Bags (Large and Small):
For Food, Chemical, Industrial and Raw Material
From 25kg to 1,000kg (Inner Bags for Large Cross Bags)
Okawara MFG. Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BI21_#
EVAPOR is evaporator for phaermaceutical, healthy food, harbal extract,seasoning, extract, food and coconuts juice etc.

Features are low-temperature evaporation, short residence time for heat-sensitive products, easy cleaning and compact design.

Ready for operation to save installation cost.
Owner Foods Machinery Company Limited
Stand No. BL21
High performance, excellent design and easy operate with smart price. The appropriate complete set for meat processing industry.
Pacific Intertech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BF11
We are an engineering company, We provide the technology know-how which have highest global experience and local line of Bulk Materials Handling System for Foods, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Petrochemical, Rubber, and Chemical Industrial, engineering support that included system design, fabrication silo & hopper, installation, commissioning & start-up and after sales services, fast response, the best quality and competitive prices.
Patkol PLC.
Stand No. BA01
Aseptic tank used for storing liquid products under aseptic conditions according to GMP.
PBTech Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AA55
"One shot" loading in trucks, trailers and containers.
Plantek Silmet (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EB31
Videojet 6530

High performance TTO systems offer higher throughput to provide more capability for faster marking applications, along with advanced data handling to print information such as variable bar code.

With new features Videojet iAssure™ intelligent technology which automatically detects common print defects, helping to reduce unwanted waste or reworked product
Primus Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AJ55
  • Cartridge Heater
  • Bobbin and Pipe Heater
  • Finned Heater
  • Hot Runner
  • Band Heater
  • Immersion Heater
  • Infrared Heater
  • Quartz Heater
  • Tubular Heater
PVN Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AF51
PVN Engineering is leading supplier in industrial process and automation. Founded in 1988, our success is driven by utilizing our knowledge to help customers increase productivity and succeed in their operations.

Our products and services include:
  • Instrument (Pressure, Flow, Level, Temperature)
  • Valves
  • Blowers
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Calibration (ISO/IEC17025)
  • Engineering Systems
Quality Sealed Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. ED10

Quality Sealed

Company of Packaging Total solution for Food and meat packaging.

  • Water Quench Coextruded Multi-layer Thermoforming Film and Vacuum pouch.
  • Retort , Pasteurize thermoforming film.
  • Flexible and Semi Rigid film
  • Top film with an Easy peel functional.
  • Skin packaging.
  • Shrink bag.
  • Zipper application.
Rano Tech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BK51
One of the most successful and biggest manufacturer of Evaporative Condenser and closed circuit cooling tower, WXR, is proudly present products and ready for superb services and spare parts in Thailand.
Rhima Australia
Stand No. AM41
Rhima’s VX-series is a range of compact crate and multipurpose washers with a capacity starting at approx. 50 crates/hour and upwards. They are entirely constructed in stainless steel type 304, with critical components constructed in type 316. Water consumption is minimal and water is recycled several times within the machine.
Romer Labs Singapore Pte Ltd.
Stand No. CD31
Environmental testing is a crucial part of any food and feed safety program. Solar Biologicals™ products from Romer Labs are easy to use sterile specimen collection and surface sampling kits for quality control and identification of hazards at critical control points in food production and livestock farming applications.

Ruampat Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH51
VARIOVAC OPTIMUS is the thermoformer equipped with high technology that perfect for small and medium size packaging areas. With various applications and additional devices, it will suit your specific business needs. VARIOVAC OPTIMUS is leading in the market for food and non food manufacturers.
Ruian Hengfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BZ19
The in-line version guarantees high system performance in terms of productions speed, management, saving and the best hygiene conditions for food packaging production. Integrated new concept and future trend technology control system to ensure production efficiency and stability.

Application: Suitable for PP, HIPS material to produce all kinds of plastic products, such as drinking cups, water cups, bowland containers etc.
S.K.P. Interpack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BM21
This is an uniquely engineered state of the art fully automatic outerbag packing machine that is capable of arranging and packing multiple individual product packets into a secondary packaging material.
Stand No. BR11
Continuous compression moulding hydraulic press for the production of plastic caps CCM. The manufacturing process lies in extruding the granulated compound (i.e. HDPE, PP), cutting it into single pellets, inserting it into the cavities, and finally moulding the cap according to a defined profile.
Saengsawang World Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AP39
PSS SVIDNIK, Design and development with high-end Technology of Meat Processing Machinery (Flaker, Grinder, Mixer, Tumbler, Filler, Silo) REEPACK, Design and manufacture of Packaging Machinery (Vacuum Chamber, Tray Sealer, Thermoform, Flow Wrap) MEYER , new technology of X-ray Inspection machines. DETECTRONIC , perfect design, technology for Metal Detector
Sanko Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AU11
User's needs are satisfied with a variety of series of models. The operability has been improved by its touch panel control, high-speed operation
SDB Corporation
Stand No. BU11
Related to the PET, we are committed to the advancement of the PET bottle industry with developing and manufacturing production equipment and inspection devices. Our machines consume small space and low electricity, but provide high production speed, versatility and operation convenience.
Sealed Air Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AH31
Hygienic thermoforming machine for flexible or rigid film with modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum options. The most suitable solution for upgrading manual packaging systems to automatic systems.
Senta Pack Machinery & Services Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BE01

Highly efficient two-table design pioneered by Toyo Jidoki. Permits Automated Filling & Transfer of filled pouches into the Vacuum chambers using one operator. Permits large reduction in staffing requirements compared with manual filling and vacuum chambers operations.
Shandong Zhongtaida Industrial Equipment Co.,ltd
Stand No. EH30
Retort machine used for canned food pouch food glass bottle pp bottle and other soft pack food sterilization to extend food's life.
Shanghai Dingjiang Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Stand No. EG25
Semi automatic powder filling machine
  1. Filling and weighing
  2. High accuracy
  3. Pack 2-10kg
  4. All stainless steel
  5. Two program in one machine
Shanghai Maxsen Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB40
Cost-Effective Flexible Chain Conveyors, roller conveyors, modular belt conveyor, belt conveyors, table top chain conveyors
Shanghai Plastlink Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH39
Main Products: Conveyor machine, Plastic Modular belt,Flat Top chain, Conveyor components and so on.
Shantou Anping Foodstuff Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH25
The Model RXC-650-P-IV Full Automatic Cup Making and Stacking Machine, which the Cups Forming and Cups Stacking function is combined into one single machine. Comparing to traditional machines, this new model has equipped new structures with two Practical Usage Patents, and one Invention Patent. The RXC-650-P-IV made a huge step-forward on Cup Making and Stacking techniques.
Shantou Mengxing Package Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH22
The machine is designed for producing various of open-wide plastic containers, such as food trays, plastic trays, cosmetic trays , blister , clamshells , plates and other plastic related items.
Shanxi Tiangang Sino-Scienc Technological Development Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BW01
UHMWPE sheets, round bars, tubes, chain guide, wear strips, star wheel, feeding screw, curves
Siam Golden Sales & Services Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AW01
Food Weight Grading Machine
Suit for sorting split product of Chicken,
Duck, Frozen, Products of poultry, wet sea cucumber, Prawn,
Fish Etc, Corollary Equipment of the Automatic Feeding,
Can large margin the production efficiency of the products
Siam Intermagnate Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EH19
Product is made from stainless steel 18/8 (304) with seamless construction that prevents bacteria growth and allows products to be cleaned with ease.
Siam Internatioanl Products Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BX51
Plate Heat exchanger
Siam Scales & System Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AN39
X-Ray Inspection System for Fish Bones is new technology for scan tine fish bones by TDI Camera High resolution to scan also can be clearly show, External Screen for show high identification of fish bone.
Sidel South Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BW01
Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis™ is the first blow-fill-seal machine with dry preform sterilisation FDA-approved in the world for low-acid products like milk, soya milk or coconut water. This proven solution handles aseptically filled products in PET bottles, ensures product integrity without compromising on production flexibility and cost-efficiency.
Siemens Ltd. Thailand
Stand No. BA31
The digital twin is the sample of the digitization of plants and machinery – the virtual copy of a real machine or system to optimized machine design. TIA Portal & PROFINET technology maximize efficient engineering & commissioning, short changeover times and smooth operation which controlled by Siemens smart solutions.
Smart Identify Ltd.
Stand No. BA67
Arca Linerplus Advanced R-Pallet for the label application on 1 or 2 sides of a pallet.
The Arca print apply is a very high tech labelling solution thanks to the hundreds labelling modes installed in the advanced control unit.
SMC (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. AT21
SMC complete line-up of Pneumatic control systems, Detection Switches, Temperature Control Equipment, Electric Actuators, Vacuum Equipment, High Vacuum Valves, Chemical Liquid Valve, Ionizer and other. SMC provides products compatible with multiple application and complete satisfy all of everyone.
SN Maschinenbau GmbH
Stand No. AY01
Horizontal form, fill and seal pouch-packaging machines for food, beverages, pet food, seeds, household products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. High Speed - High Output - High Quality - High Technology from Germany!
Soda Vision Pte Ltd
Stand No. BD15
Solids Handling and Process Engineering Co.,Ltd. (SHAPE)
Stand No. AY41
SHAPE is an experienced global supplier of solids/powder handling&processing equipment and offer wide range of equipment and systems covering almost every facet of manufacturing operations/processes where dry solids are used.Our equipment range is designed to provide top quality of hygienic design,practical operation,easy cleaning&maintenance at an affordable price.
Solutionpack Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AK51
Our packing machine is Strong performance, easy to maintenance, and reasonable price
Sripipat Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AD21
Semi-Automaic Shumai SS02
  • Capacity 25 pcs/min.
  • Only one operator needed
Sunrise Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BD41
Sunrise Trading was established in 1992. We are an importer and a trader of Filling Machines from Malaysia for Edible Oil, Portable Filling Machine for Food and Cosmetic Industries and we serve a wide range of plastic film, food wrap and a non toxic film for above industries.
Suzhou Bigboss Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH42
We are the manufacturer of filling and packing machine. The 3 in 1 filling machine include rinser, filler and capper. The material we use SUS304. Easy to clean and operation. The complete line control by PLC and touch Screen. Electric brand we use Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider...
Suzhou Cai Machine Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BX35
S8600 dry-offset printing machine is used for decoration of plastic container, such as: yogurt cups, milk tea cups, juice cups, coffee cups, ice cream cups, drink cups, food barrels, oil drums, flower pots and so on. feature:stable, phtographic printing quality, high production efficiency, 8 colorhead, speed ups to 600 cups/minute
Suzhou Hlm Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BT33
HLM and SUMA system which is a High-tech company focus on food,beverage,pharmaceutical,chemical and so on industries packaging online inspection and product safety protection for PET, CAN, HDPE, GLASS line.We will show cuting edge technology with Leakage checker,X ray level and pressure inspection machines in Propack Asia 2018.
Suzhou Mingstar Company Limited
Stand No. BV38
Automatic Rinsing, Filling, Capping Machine for PET bottled water production by Mingstar
Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd
Stand No. AC49
  1. Wide view mast
  2. This electric pellet stacker can switch freely between normal speed and slow speed.
  3. Moving when tiller at upright brake position
  4. Adjustable balance support wheel
  5. Strong mast
  6. Smart sleeping function
  7. Battery extraction
  8. Divided mast
Swentech (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. BL11
Swentech launches four new Products: MHW-s12 Semi-Automatic Combinational Weighing Scale. A direct Solution for Fixed weight package, working efficiency improvement. And AVFA6-100P Series piston filling machines are designed to dispense products of different viscosity, ranging from water thin liquids to thick creams, for the cosmetic, food and specialty industries.
T.C.K. Interplas Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EJ39
We are a Board of Investment (BOI) promoted company, manufacturing plastic products by utilization of modern, high-technological system.
Taiwan Benefit Company
Stand No. BW11
TBC Robot Palletizer adopt well-known international robot, precise orbit motion makes high re-positioning accuracy. TBC Robot Palletizer is suitable to apply to various packaging types such as carton, bag, shrink-film, crate, tray, drum, and tin-can.
Thai Polymer Supply Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AH11
Thai Polymer Supply Co., Ltd. distributes "engineering plastics" and "industrial products in the manufacturing industry" with 13 quality and comprehensive products covering Thailand. Supports the needs of customers thoroughly.By product group.Engineering Plastics, Conveyors & Component, Fluid Systems, Air Supply, Insulation
Thai Scale Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BS59

Semi-Automatic WRAP-WEIGH-LABELER Technology

FX stands for flexible, and the AW-5600FX is superb at wrapping a challenging array of products. Fragile trays, irregularly-shaped trays, and even items without trays like whole fruits and cheeses are quickly and beautifully wrapped and labeled. The result is savings in film, power, and labor.
Thai Vinyter Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AH51
The wide range of applications makes the new HOTWIND SYSTEM truly impressive: be it as a unit with integrated control or as a unit for integration in a closed-loop control circuit using a system interface.
Thai Waterline Systems Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AU09
Open Space Cooling is an innovative concept used to cool industrial spaces down to a temperature optimum for worker comfort, creating a more productive and safer working environment. An energy efficient approach, the operating cost of Open Space Cooling is only 10% of traditional Air-Conditioning.
Thaiflex Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AJ51
HAUS Decanter and Separator, one of the centrifugal technology. Product from Turkey. We produce High quality product base on modern technology with selling Reasonable price. Distribute by Thaiflex Equipment Co.,ltd
Thaiyo Engineering Ltd.
Stand No. BY53
Electret Sani Filter collects bacteria and mold.
The Sister Group Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CF13

Thermo Fisher Scientific Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC39
Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel™ Multiscan Metal Detector

By scanning up to five user-selectable frequencies running at a time, the Sentinel provides unmatched sensitivity and the highest probability of finding ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metal contaminants in challenging applications such as dairy, meat, poultry, bread, and other foods with high product effect.
Tiger Kawashima Corporation
Stand No. BI21
The foodstuffs are washed gently and securely with the power of Water stream and foam. Wide variety of purposes and easy to use/maintenance.
Stand No. BP39
Machine suitable to peel mangoes with different sizes. To ensure the maximum efficiency, it is equipped with a special peeling blade that follows precisely the shape of each fruit. Possibility to adjust the blade action to obtain different peeling levels. A PLC allows to set all processing parameters.
ULVAC (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. CA01
EW Series models are deposition systems for evaporation of metal or oxides onto continuously-wound plastic film, paper or metal foil. Models range from compact types for research, to systems for mass-production. They can be used to manufacture products such as packaging materials, capacitors and magnetic tape.
Unitherm Food Systems
Stand No. BK21
NEW DuraKut 6000 2D VFD / Servo Dicer

Carruthers DuraKut 6000 two-dimensional dicers are equipped with either VFD or servo drives. Built in the USA for complete cutting versatility of fresh, vacuum tumbled, crust frozen or cooked products into cubes or strips.

For more information:
Water Test Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CF31
Oxygen Headspace Measurement in Product Packages

With unique optical oxygen microsensor technology, we can measure oxygen headspace in various kind of product packages such as; pharmaceutical vials and ampoules, tetrapack packages, PET bottle, blister packages and snack bags.
Webcontrol Machinery Corp.
Stand No. AF21
LME is our Entry Level Soventless Laminator. This Combo Package is idea for the new Wide and Mid Web Converters looking to enter the flexible Packaging Business. The features of machine is Easy & Quick Cleaning Coating Station Accurate Adhesive Width & Dosing Control.
Weber Marking Systems (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. EC31
Weber Marking Systems Thailand is a leading innovator in the design, engineering, manufacture and supply of high-performance pressure-sensitive labels and labeling systems. For over twenty years, we have been bringing innovative products to our customers and helping them solve their labeling and coding problems.
Wisebiz (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EB29
With over 150 years of experience in the product Identification industry, Matthews Marking Products is a leading provider of marking and coding equipment for the industrial marketplace. From Packaging and plastics, to construction and metal, Matthews offers solutions for marking applications in a wide range of industries.
Wuhan Mecus Machinery Co.,Ltd
Stand No. EB14
Professional Smart Packing/Wrapping System: Fully Auto conveyorized pallet wrapper + Through-Type Top Sheet Dispenser. Long term saving for your time and cost. Get you a better safety, productivity, efficiency and profitability.
Wuhan Rentian Packaging Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AI36
This case packer is widely used for many kinds of boxes and bags with fast speed and high stability. It provides the solution that loads the bags and boxes into carton.
Xi'an Shibo Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BX31
Semi-automatic aseptic filling machine is applicable to the aseptic filling of viscous or non-viscous fluids such as fruit juice , concentrates, jam, vegetable juice, beverage, diary products, pharmacy or other concentrated products, which can aseptically fill aseptic bags in aseptic chamber
Xinle Huabao Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH40
This line adopt double four-shaft winder, can produce 2" and 3" film roll on line in the same time,and the extruder use direct drive motor, more power saving. The line speed can up to 500m/min.
X-Per Technia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AS49
The XT-5 series are special version of the XT-5 series. They are designed to incorporate up to 2 filter panels. There are various types of filter media available, some commonly used media are Baffle type Stainless Steel, Aluminum wire mesh, Polyester.
Yo Den Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AF22
The SLIT-HSC series slitter is new compact slitter which has automatic tension on unwind and rewind controlled through PLC & MMI. Friction rings are used on rewind shafts to ensure the production of quality slit rolls when the film thickness varies.
Zhangjiagang City New Crown Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BW31
This machine is our new designed high speed filling machine for 2018, it can be 20% faster then the normal machine with the high efficient and low maintenance cost.
Zhangjiagang Datong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BX40
Water filling production line.

Suitable for pure water, mineral water, spring water, other bottled water etc.
By 3-in-1 monoblock, the bottle goes through washing, filling and capping with little abrasion, and the transferring is stable,bottle changing is easier.
Zhangjiagang Golden Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ15
2,000-36,000BPH Automatic Water Production Line from A to Z
2,000-36,000BPH Automatic Juice Production Line from A to Z
2,000-36,000BPH Automatic CSD Production Line from A to Z
Zhejiang Mingbo Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AI39
This new item Rotary packaging machine, we called zipper pouch packaging machine, specially suitable for premade zipper and stand up pouch, with different dosing(multiheads weigher, auger fller, liquid filler) can be suitable for the automatic pacing for granule, powder, liquid, paste etc. High speed, easy operation.
Zhongshan To-U Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB39
  1. Compact and space saving design, suitable for limited workshop height within 3,000mm.
  2. Cost saving.
  3. Golden ratio design to make the machine more steady and accurate.
  4. Integrated weighing and packaging system, controlled by one HMI for easy operation.