The 27th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia

2018 Product Highlights

3M Thailand Ltd.
Stand No. CJ76
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Tests — qualitative immunochromatographic assays for rapid in-plant monitoring of specific food allergens.Designed for accurate detection of processed and unprocessed allergen proteins, these fast
A due S.p.A.
Stand No. BQ18
EASY.Core: automated monoblock installation for finished syrup or final beverage preparation. Loading and managing of all ingredients, both powders and liquids: dissolution of every kind of powder; emptying of aromas, concentrates (also pulpy) or their transfer from existing tanks; dosing of the ingredients themselves. Mass-type flow meters for total control.
A.J. Plast Public Company Limited
Stand No. EH11
A.J. Plast Public Company Limited established in 1987, as a high quality manufacturer of biaxially oriented films with total solutions for flexible packaging industry. The total capacity are 261,000 metric tons per year
AFA Systems Ltd.
Stand No. AX28
The VC-VCA - Vertical Autoload Cartoner is a new innovation from AFA Systems. The system can run up to 300 bottles per minute and has the ability to run auto-bottom, glue or tuck style cartons. An Allen Bradley Controls System is standard on the VC-VCA.
AFA Technologies Sdn Bhd
Stand No. AL24
Leading Expert in Medical Testing, Packing & Robotic Automation Solutions. We supply Thermo-Form Fill Seal packaging machine..
AMP International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AS55
The UST Detail Brush is designed for detail cleaning in dry environments where soft bristles are useful and hygiene is critical, such as when allergens are a risk. Also useful as a pastry or glazing brush in food handling applications.
Atom-Mic Power Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BJ11, AA23
VPN BOX is a server connectivity module compatible with LET'S technology SENECA devices. It is optimized for P2P connection where users reach different devices or Single LAN connection all the devices are linked in wide single LAN. VPN BOX offers SSL/VPN security technologies that provide secure access and customizable control.
Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd.
Stand No. EB18
CIJ Printer, TIJ Printer, Laser Marker. 5 lines CIJ printer, Intuitive touch screen, new gunbody sealing technology, gem nozzle, start-up/shutdown auto cleaning and modular design of ink hydraulic system delivers consistent optimized printing quality.
Beijing Y.C.T.D. Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BT31
Water packaging whole line provider
BEUMER Group (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AF43
BEUMER Stretch Hood® is a sustainable packaging machine based on the stretch hood method. High throughput up to 120 pallets per hour, space-saving design and ergonomic operation ensure high performance in the limited space possible.
C.I. Takiron Corporation
Stand No. EI12
C.I. Takiron Corporation is the leading zipper manufacturer in Japan, with more than 30 years business experience in the packaging industry. SANZIP has many excellent characteristics suited to zipper pouches and bags which are well regarded for their high quality and compatibility with pouch-making machines and F/F/S machines.
Stand No. BF40
Outperforming similar capacity solutions:

The Cabinplant Continuous Liquid Filler (CLF) ensures precise pre- or final post filling of liquids like tomato sauce, oil and brine, soups, or marinades into containers such as cans or glass jars. It can handle liquids containing small particles.
Canneed Instrument (Zhaoqing) Limited
Stand No. CE19
CanNeed-PWTG-1000 can exactly measure the PET bottles and preform wall thickness, and the external dimensions as well in a non-contact measuring way.
CP Synergy Sdn Bhd
Stand No. AL42
Plastic Bag Making Machine (Make in Malaysia)
Deighton Manufacturing UK Ltd
Stand No. AT31
SIMPLE AND SMOOTH OPERATION Simplicity is the strength of the Formatic system. Suited to a variety of mixtures of numerous textures and consistencies, the Formatic uses synchronized paddles to gently press mixture into the required form shape. Assisted by the wire drum scraper, the formed product is then smoothly ejected.
Stand No. BF37
The all new DETECTRONIC metal detector for the food industry is a revolution in its class. It features unprecedented sensitivities due to its unique mapping technology. An all new multi color 7" touch screen, auto learn function, 4 level of passwords, report printing and the unique IP68/69K protection.
DISC Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB28
We are making cold chain product and other some unique product to be freshed. Please come to our booth and see it.

ESM Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AS71
Three-side automatic stick packing machine suitable for packing Powder or Liquids. Delicate product’s main and end sealing is composed with servo eliminating nearly all noise and vibration. Beginners can easily use for its convenient design. Has Safety cover and Dust blower to keep the product clean up easily
Etpack Sprinter SAS
Stand No. AQ45
Come and discover ETPACK SPRINTER 2-head box erector: multiformat stainless steel machine, erecting boxes by locking or gluing - up to 140 boxes/min
Express Plaspack (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AJ11
  1. Lid Film - Easy peel for 'Ready to eat meal' which microwaveable & oven-able
  2. Barrier Film - Co-extrusion with 7 layers which produces by European Machine for increase products's shelf life 15-30%
  3. Shrink Film & Retort for reputation companies
  4. PET's Line products
  5. Provide reachable machine with heartfelt services
Extend Great International Corp.
Stand No. AW11
EXP-630, Robotic pallet wrapper
EXTEND supply:
  • Pallet wrapper
  • Case sealer, erector
  • Strapping machine
  • Heat shrinking machine
Flex-Auto Industrial Corp.
Stand No. AW47
Manufacturer & Exporter
Standard & Modular Components.
Easy Installation and Adjustment.
Reliable Quality and Reasonable Price.

Design ‧ Layout ‧ Installation
Food, Beverages & Plastic Bottle Ind.
Bearing, Automotive & Machine Parts Ind.
Cosmetic, Detergent & Tissue Paper Ind.
Electronic & Electric Ind.
Food Service and Solution Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AL57
Colour coded cleaning equipment has become standard practice within food and beverage production. Products with matching coloured handles and heads can be identified quickly and easily, which is especially important within workplaces where a number of languages are spoken and can greatly reduce the possibility of cross-contamination.
Forbo Siegling (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BC41
With our in-depth experience of processes in all areas of the food industry, Forbo Siegling provides conveyor and processing belts, appropriate accessories and the skills to match. We focus on flawless hygiene and top productivity – so that you can produce food reliably, safely and competitively.
Fresone Co.,Ltd
Stand No. AK40
One way degassing valves for fermented food.
Fuji Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AF31
Horizontal form fill seal machine for high speed wrapping and hermetic seal wrapping
G HWA Industries Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BL41
G HWA’s Quality Management System is certified by ASME-BPE, which is the leading Standard on how to design and build equipment and systems used in the production of biopharmaceuticals, it brings together standard stainless steel component types, length sizing, round & squareness tolerances, and additionally the manufacturing materials are standardized.
Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd.
Stand No. AC21
Dock leveler acts as bridge between loading bay area and truck, height difference between truck and bay area is bridged and material movement can be carried out smoothly between warehouse and truck.
Gebo Cermex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BW01
CoboAccess™_Pal: not just a cobot, an INDUSTRIAL cobotic palletizing solution.
CoboAccess™_Pal is an advanced and modular cobotic palletizer, ideal when looking for a robust, easy to use and affordable palletizing solution.
Embedding Gebo Cermex’s high safety standard, this ultra-compact fenceless cell perfectly match the needs of very demanding environments.
Gericke Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE31
With the introduction of GMS5000ECD model, the Gericke Multiflux batch mixer line received its largest model so far. Despite the maximal useful volume of 4000 ltr, the mixer provides the same outstanding accessibility for cleaning and short mixing time that the GMS mixer line well known for.
German Engineering & Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CD19
  • Complete new packaging lines
  • Manufacturing of all kinds of conveyors
  • Secondhand machines
  • We are doing sales and service of spare parts
  • We are involved inrelocation of machinery
Guangdong Xinjintian Color Printing Industrial Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BX23
All of our plastic packaging bags have the advantages of moisture-proof,leak-proof,,high-temperature resistance 121 Celsius,biodegradable, non-toxic and tasteless.
Guangzhou Saint-Poly Industrial Co., Ltd
Stand No. AF57
Conveying chains are our main products, which are widly used in beverage filling and conveying, food conveying, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other indusries. owing to our outstanding quality, special design and great material, customers are quite satisfide with our products.
Guangzhou Shallway Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BT32
  1. 7 technical patents,
  2. Single supporting axis to avoid errors during adjustment,
  3. Scratch-free star-wheel infeeding device to avoid scratches during labeling,
  4. Rich experience of customized high-end labeling solutions for Amway, Kraft Heinz, Uni-President, ect.
Hefei Zhongchen Light Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BX39
Volumetric Filling Technology for PET& Glass Bottle (Used in Coco-cola, etc.)
Stand No. BQ21
Pouch filling machine
Ermetika is a high-speed, continuous motion rotary machine assembling, filling and sealing spouts and premade pouches in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. High efficiency and premium quality results for countless products typical of the food and dairy market.
Innovate Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AR11
"FUJI KIKAI" Printing and Dry Laminate Machine, "HAGIHARA" Slitter and Rewinder Machine, "SUMITOMO" Extrusion Laminate Machine, "TAIYO" Servo Drive System and "TSM" Gravimetric Batch Blender are one of the best manufacture in flexible packaging. If you are looking of Japaness quality, please visit at AR11!!
Ishida (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AZ01
ISHIDA offers new iTPS-ISHIDA Total Packaging System featuring new generation bagmaker INSPIRA as well as CCW-RV multihead weigher, TSC seal tester, DACS checkweigher and ACP case packer are integrated into a complete, single-source control system.
Ivackorea Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AK37
IVAC manufacture and supply various types of vacuum pumps, vacuum pads, vacuum filters, ball joints, buffers, vacuum switches, pneumatic valves, vacuum gauges, and other vacuum-related accessories. In addition, we continuously strive to develop vacuum-related technology including the vacuum pump.
IWK (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. AD11
  • Tube feeding machine model TZF
  • Tube filling machine model FP18-1
  • Cartoning machine model HC5
Jacob White Packaging Ltd.
Stand No. AT40
Come to see the high speed New Jacob White Automatic Cartoner. Model NSX5. Ideal for the developing business increasing your market share. The cartoner is very flexable to be able to pack a whole range of products on the single machine. A number of these cartoners are already installed in Thailand.
Jiangsu Faygo Union Machinery Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BV40
Economical solutions for 6000-12000BPH linear combiblock
Jiangsu Huihe Packing Machinery Co., Ltd
Stand No. BW35
We offer blowing, filling, capping, labeling, packaging beverage bottling solutions to customers worldwide. Safe, energy-saving and efficient equipments for liquid (beverage) are offered with superior, fast and customized service!
Jiangsu Kaiyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX32
The main service involved in the industry: Food processing and trade, fruit and vegetable juice processing, canned fruita and vegetables food processing, fruit and vegetable snack food processing, fruit and vegetable freeze-dried and fozenfooprocessing,beverages,dairyproducts,tea,brewing,spices,pharmaceutical,cosmetic and other industries.
Kaida Group Co.,Ltd FJ
Stand No. ED09
Laminates packaging in forms of reels and pre-made bags for Snack food, Beverages, cosmetic and personal care products.
Kamacho Scale Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AF50
iForks is the successful wireless scale for forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks. Performance Line iForks provide a highly accurate weight read-out
Keyence (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EF33
SR-2000 series (1D/2D Code Reader)
One reader for any code, anywhere, any speed.
  1. Ultra-wide field of view
  2. Greater depth of field at longer ranges
  3. Read objects on the move
KMT Waterjet
Stand No. AU36
The World's Fastest Waterjet system (90,000psi or 6,200bar). Cut steel, aluminum, titanium, plastic, foam, glass, stone, marble, tile, rubber, cakes, celery, fish, chicken, and much more. Global OEM network integrator machines ranging from two axis gantry systems to six axis robotic systems for automotive applications. Cut materials-12 inches thick.
Knife Korea
Stand No. BB24
KNIFE KOREA, New chance for searching best quality knife for your machine, food process. We have over 2000 customer in Korea, lead company. You can find best quality knife with reasonable price. We will wait for you in PROPAK ASIA.
Konnix International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ63
Konnix International Co., Ltd. supply and install polymer flooring and Fiberglass grating. These products protect your plant’s most corrosive environments. Konnix is the expertise of specialized field of resin floor, wall and cove installations, surface treatments predominantly for concrete substrates - improving chemical and impact resistance.
Korea Auto Door Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AB42
Convenience Auto Door
High Speed Door
A Global Leader in Commercial &
Industrial Automatic Doors
Kotinpack Inc.
Stand No. EK22
As an experienced flexible packaging material manufacturer, KOTINPACK specializes in providing TOTAL SOLUTIONS of FLEXIBLE PACKAGING that exceed our customers' needs and expectations.
KOTINPACK is specialized in retort pouches (aluminum based or aluminum-free for microwaveable pouches), which have high thermal resistance, excellent sealing and high barrier properties
Krones (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. / Krones AG
Stand No. BR01
Krones Solomodul labelling machine which modular design even enables a combination of different labelling techniques for only one container.
KTBEL Technics Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AG39
  1. GEA : Granulation Technologies & High Speed Tablet Presses
  2. Kreamer/Charles Ischi : Tablet testing technology online and offline with tableting machine
  3. Hoong-A : Packaging Machine
  4. Packlines : Material handling for film rolls, pallets, containers etc..
  5. I-Holland : Punches and dies
  6. Pharma Technology : “Tablet deduster – capsules polishing & metal check – IPC control”
Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Stand No. EG01
EVALTM is registered trademark for ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resin and film manufactured by Kuraray. Thanks to its outstanding barrier properties and excellent processability, EVALTM resin is suited for food, cosmetic and agricultural packaging. Kurarister is transparent retortable barrier film and PLANTIC is bio-based barrier material for food packaging.
Kyungseo E & P Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB24
Spout Pouch Packing Machine
Dimension: 1300x850x1600
Packing Speed: Max.25EA
Packing Capacity: 20~500ml
Packing Range: Juice, Paste, Cosmetic

no matter the pouch shape can pack all with this machine
much cheaper and more benefit than big facilities packing machine.

[email protected]
Laizhou Tonle Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EH26
Laizhou Tonle Machinery Co., Ltd. takes "professional, Quality, Technical, Service" as our core value.the main product include : automatic rotary hot melt glue labelling machine ; automatic rotary cold glue labelling machine ; automatic rotary self adhesive labelling machine
Laz Step Ltd.
Stand No. AX57
The LAZ Step Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of the PET cans that come in the different designs, shapes, and patterns. We are also a manufacturer and distributor of the quality cans seamer.

High quality and endurance with long useful life.
Liaoyang Trueeasy Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BV31
Liaoning Trueeasy is the first enterprise which specialize in researching and developing and producing of linear fully automatic bottle blowing machine. Adhere to “suitable is the best” principle, our company combines rich experience of beverage and injection, adopting the best technological process of hardware and software when we research and development. The main electric components and parts of the bottle blowing machine adopt international famous brand with good compatibility, ensure the machine can achieve the most stability when they are working process.
Linapack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AG21
LINAPACK range of fill and seal machines are still expanding with new models and new features. This year LINAPACK presents its usual liquid filling stand-up pouches machine range but also new packaging equipment for dry products such as powders and granular products. European design, manufacturing in Thailand.
Luthi Machinery Company Inc.
Stand No. AU19
Luthi CRSP tuna filler is designed to automatically meter, form and fill pre-cooked tuna loins, chunks or flakes into cans. The machine is constructed of high quality stainless steel. Luthi CRSP machine provide precise fill weight control and maximum product yield.
Mariani Srl
Stand No. BP19


Machine suitable to wrap SINGLE SERVE CARTONS type and similar packages into shrinked wrapped bundles.

The Mariani shrink wrapping machines are tailor-made, compact and designed to pack different kinds of containers. Using a sealing system which minimises material usage.
Maruto (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EC09
Single-action microwave cooking with this convenient pouch

This microwavable standing pouch uses Chokushin Kun technology to provide superior operability and cost performance, making it possible to cook in the microwave oven with a single action.
Mega Uni-Trade Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EA21
The Right MDC Doctor Blade Gravure printing covers many markets flexible packing, paperboard, illustration, decorative, and others.
Mettler-Toledo (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. BL31
Reduced Test Time , Improved Test Repeatability with one touch! The Automatic Test System (ATS) can decrease the time it takes to complete metal detector performance monitoring tests by up to 90%, compared to manual testing processes. The ATS ensures tests are completed consistently, every time.
Mighty International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BW51
Thermaltaste generates authentic food flavours, while enhancing umami taste by thermal reactions during food processing at minimum temperature of 120OC up to 220OC (e.g. baking, frying, grilling, canning, roasting, etc.). It ensures foods with high heat process have superior aroma, taste, which top-note flavours generally lost strenght infinal products. Ideal applications are for snack dough, bakery products, processed meat, etc.
Minox Valves & Fitting Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EG25
MINOX is now one of the brand leaders in South-East Asia and a preferred supplier of food and pharmaceutical grade stainless-steel valves, fittings and tubes to many of the world's leading beverage manufacturers and engineering companies who required a high standard of hygiene, product integrity and purity.
Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific, Ltd.
Stand No. EG09
The Mitsui Chemicals Group offers “One Stop Solutions” for packaging by providing not only various types of packaging materials including resin, resin modifier, adhesive and films, but also technical support based on our global linked knowledge and experience. You can leave everything about packaging to us.
MMP Corporation Ltd.
Stand No. AJ41
Robot wrapping machine with Technology is the most innovative , portable stretch wrapper in the market. It is also the easiest to use.
MNT Food Machine Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BM39
We are the leader of producer of food industrial machinery with the best quality of products and services after purchase in Thailand. We are honest and sincere to bring food service to our customers and the company has been entrusted from very large number of main food producers in the country.
Modtech Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Stand No. AM46
Robotic case packer is extremely reliable & flexible systems that picks & packs products into cases etc. Depending on the complexity of your needs, Modtech can supply a standard pre-engineered or a customized robotic case packer that provides you with the equipment that is best suited to your specific needs.
Motor789 Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CJ01
General purpose, medium and fractional power drives. Specifically designed for universal mountings like RS series.Range 7 sizes; housings and covers of aluminium die cast up to size 85, of cast iron for size 110; single worm/wheel units; ratios up to i=100
Mpac Langen
Stand No. AS31
We design, precision engineer and manufacture high speed packaging solutions, first-of-a-kind machinery and high specification automation, secondary packaging equipment and end-of-line robotics and at-line instrumentation and testing solutions. As well as providing complete turnkey solutions including the design and integration of packaging systems.
MT Food Systems Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH01
Grasselli NSA1000XC
  • Full 2-dimensional slicer capable of producing either strips & cubes
  • 610mm or 1000mm useable cut width with a minimum slice thickness of 3mm/5mm for fresh or cooked boneless meat.
Now Systems Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AM15
NAD4000 Series metal detector detects even the smallest metal particles safely and reliably in every type of aluminum-packaged product.Compared with X-Ray scanners, NAD4000 Series overcomes the high density differences in product or high evaluation thresholds due to variations in the production process.
Ntek Plas Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BY21
NTEK PLAS Co., Ltd is specialized in completed drinking water production line consulting, starting from preform provider, field investigation for installation planning, and also after sale servicing.

We provide the turnkey complete bottled water production line to customer's needs including of PET Blowing Machine until Shrink Packing Machine complete.
Oiltek & Associates Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BD41
SIGMAWIG plate heat exchangers are available in different sizes.

The fact that the units are welded without filler metals, gives them a benefit regarding corrosion resistance.

Available plate materials beside the standard stainless-steel qualities AISI 904L and titanium are available as well.

See more information at Booth No.BD41
P&S Steel Work Service Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BM41
Design and produce machines in food processing line.
Pack Leader Machinery Inc c/o Inter Ink Technics Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AG11
Say goodbye to unreliable manual inspection and costly excessive manpower---

PTI Seal Scanner + Universal Robots Cobot with pick and place application is the answer to your pouch seal defects inspection and automation needs!
Pack-Smart Inc.
Stand No. AX25
Pack-Smart deployed the series CP 2500 production platform with its unique ability to easily handle unique shaped cards wide at 20,000 per hour, Placement accuracy up to 0.4mm, The CP 2500 provides cutting-edge features and benefits throughout the entire production platform making it more profitable to run.
Pakona Engineers (India) Pvt Ltd
Stand No. AN41
PAKONA Pick/Fill/Seal (PFS) Machine consists of a Pouch Feeding Conveyor up to two lanes or a Magazine Loader, a Pick & Place System to transfer the Pre-formed Flat / Standup Pouch to a Rotary Turret. The Pouches are Opened, Filled & Top Sealed.
Stand No. AX22
PACK EXPO International focuses on the latest developments in packaging machinery, materials, packages and containers, and components. The most prominent companies in the industry will be exhibiting and making product introductions at the show.
Poul Tarp
Stand No. BF32
Metering system from POUL TARP A/S. Complete metering system for milk collection with a pump speed from 150 l/min to 500 l/min. The metering system contains a S12 computer for data acquisition and data communication with the IT system, flow meter, air separator and sampler.
Quality Sealed Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. ED10

Quality Sealed

Company of Packaging Total solution for Food and meat packaging.

  • Water Quench Coextruded Multi-layer Thermoforming Film and Vacuum pouch.
  • Retort , Pasteurize thermoforming film.
  • Flexible and Semi Rigid film
  • Top film with an Easy peel functional.
  • Skin packaging.
  • Shrink bag.
  • Zipper application.
Ri Way Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AE26
RI.WAY ENTERPRISE, a professional cosmetic filling machine manufacturer from Taiwan. We are one of the leading brand in make-up mechanical industry. We have filling machines for lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner and mascara. Compact powder machine and powder injection machine...etc.

High quality equipment. Perfect after-sale service. Your best choice.
Romer Labs Singapore Pte Ltd.
Stand No. CD31
Environmental testing is a crucial part of any food and feed safety program. Solar Biologicals™ products from Romer Labs are easy to use sterile specimen collection and surface sampling kits for quality control and identification of hazards at critical control points in food production and livestock farming applications.

Sa Fwu Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AW44
Human-Computer Interaction Design.

Optional Fully Wrap Around carton packaging and Tray Packing Combination Operation.

Various product available within one case packer.
Schenck Process Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Stand No. BE20
Hygienic Round Top Removal (HRT) 3-A Filter

With official 3-A approval, the round top removal filter is designed for sanitary applications where dust collection is required in low-capacity pneumatic conveying systems such as vacuum loading of extruders or refilling minor/micro hoppers.
SDB Corporation
Stand No. BU11
Related to the PET, we are committed to the advancement of the PET bottle industry with developing and manufacturing production equipment and inspection devices. Our machines consume small space and low electricity, but provide high production speed, versatility and operation convenience.
Sesotec GmbH
Stand No. AU29

The RAYCON EX1 product inspection system detects all contaminants that due to their density, chemical composition, or mechanical dimensions absorb X-rays better than the surrounding product. For example this applies to metal, glass, ceramic and stone contaminants in food materials.
Shandong Zhongtaida Industrial Equipment Co.,ltd
Stand No. EH30
Retort machine used for canned food pouch food glass bottle pp bottle and other soft pack food sterilization to extend food's life.
Shanghai Dingjiang Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Stand No. EG25
Semi automatic powder filling machine
  1. Filling and weighing
  2. High accuracy
  3. Pack 2-10kg
  4. All stainless steel
  5. Two program in one machine
Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co. Ltd
Stand No. BS35
This washing filling capping can widely usage in beverage industry, such as filling water, juice, tea, wine, beer, soda water, vinegar and so on. Plastic bottle and glass bottle both suitable. The main electrical component from world famous companies. All the part which will attach the filling materials use food grade stainless steel.
Shinhee Caster Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EH26
Heavy Duty Caster
  • Cast Iron Core
  • Forged Steel
Shinwoo Costec Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AK20
PET Blow molding machine which gives body to 3D container surface using very special IML(In Mold Label) technology.
Siam Intermagnate Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EH19
Product is made from stainless steel 18/8 (304) with seamless construction that prevents bacteria growth and allows products to be cleaned with ease.
Sidel South Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BW01
Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis™ is the first blow-fill-seal machine with dry preform sterilisation FDA-approved in the world for low-acid products like milk, soya milk or coconut water. This proven solution handles aseptically filled products in PET bottles, ensures product integrity without compromising on production flexibility and cost-efficiency.
SIKO Products Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC21
Smart Positioning
100% Process Reliability
Faster Product Changes
Enhanced Product Quality
Simple installation and Positioning
Size Changeover with new concept
Higher machine efficiency due to shorter downtimes
SMC (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. AT21
SMC complete line-up of Pneumatic control systems, Detection Switches, Temperature Control Equipment, Electric Actuators, Vacuum Equipment, High Vacuum Valves, Chemical Liquid Valve, Ionizer and other. SMC provides products compatible with multiple application and complete satisfy all of everyone.
Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation
Stand No. EJ01
The “Green polyethylene(GPE) of Braskem S.A. is made from sugarcane and well known for only one bio based Olefin resin. Sojitz are going to introduce “Why it is eco-friendly, How to use, and Successful cases of GPE business.” And many products made by GPE are displayed during this exhibition.
Solids Handling and Process Engineering Co.,Ltd. (SHAPE)
Stand No. AY41
SHAPE is an experienced global supplier of solids/powder handling&processing equipment and offer wide range of equipment and systems covering almost every facet of manufacturing operations/processes where dry solids are used.Our equipment range is designed to provide top quality of hygienic design,practical operation,easy cleaning&maintenance at an affordable price.
Sollich KG
Stand No. AZ32
We represent innovative and comprehensive solutions for chocolate and confectionery production, e.g. chocolate enrobing lines with working widths between 320 and 2400 mm. The flagship, the Enromat M6, has been further developed according to the various requirements of customers worldwide and based on the know-how of hundreds of production lines
SPX Flow Technology Singapore Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC29
SPX FLOW Universal TS pump. The screw rotors are made from Waukesha 88 non-galling alloy enabling tight internal clearances. It can operate at higher flow rates with low inlet pressures allowing customers to specify smaller, less expensive, faster running units. Multiple process capability ranging from viscous products to running CIP.
Suzhou Bigboss Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BH42
We are the manufacturer of filling and packing machine. The 3 in 1 filling machine include rinser, filler and capper. The material we use SUS304. Easy to clean and operation. The complete line control by PLC and touch Screen. Electric brand we use Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider...
T.C.K. Interplas Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EJ39
We are a Board of Investment (BOI) promoted company, manufacturing plastic products by utilization of modern, high-technological system.
Thai Polymer Supply Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AH11
Thai Polymer Supply Co., Ltd. distributes "engineering plastics" and "industrial products in the manufacturing industry" with 13 quality and comprehensive products covering Thailand. Supports the needs of customers thoroughly.By product group.Engineering Plastics, Conveyors & Component, Fluid Systems, Air Supply, Insulation
Thanyanon Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BT42
This is the TJ40G BURST cleaning machine.

The new Tj40G burst we have changed the regular nozzle to burst nozzle, which means you still have the powerfull jet of water, but on the side of the nozzle through an effect fan helps to speed up the distribution of caustic.
The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association (FOOMA)
Stand No. BI21
FOOMA JAPAN is the largest tradeshow related to Food machinery and technlogies in Asia.

You can meet the latest and advanced food technologies at Tokyo Bigsight in Japan/
The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EI01
“SoarnoL” (EVOH) has a high gas barrier. This is put to good use in food packaging, to preserve flavor and allow longer storage time, as well as in a wide variety of other applications, such as heating pipes and plastic fuel tanks.
The Sister Group Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CF13

Titan Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AT41
TITAN ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. has imported Motor and Motor Gear brands ELK and YILMAZ from Turkey and Germany. This is a product that we consider to be an excellent quality product. Suitable for customers who want to use good quality products. At a reasonable price.
Toyobo Co.,Ltd
Stand No. EI09
TOYOBO is a maker of highperformance products and has Films and Functional Polymers, Industrial Materials, and Life Science Materials.

This time, we display our functional films as follows.New type polyester films, Vapor deposition Transparent barrier film, New type polypropylene film.
Trirex International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AC43
Rexnord Dry-PT Material
Run Dry Solution for PET Containers

Rexnord Dry-PT Material has proven to be the first plastic chain material to provide the required low friction against PET on a constant level over time, where other plastic chain materials always show a permanent increase of friction level after hours of running.
Urschel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE11
NEW Comitrol 3640A comes with a screw feeder and is available in standard and high speed versions. Highly versatile, it can be used for chopping, flake cutting, granulating, pureeing, and emulsifying applications; suitable for coconut shredding, grinding fibrous products, rework of bakery products, chicken skins, nut granulation and pastes.
V.F. Korea Corp.
Stand No. AK22
VFK-TSAV Series driven by Servo Motor, Cam-Link, High speed precise forming position setting and high Pressure Forming is the most suitable ones for PP (Polypropylene) sheet forming.

VFK-TSAV Series is the most suitable ones for mass production of PP Products such as Tray, Bowl, Flowerpot and so on.
VEGA Instruments Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BY41
For the latest generation of radar, condensate on the sensor is not an issue. Totally unaffected by condensation or buildup on the antenna, VEGAPULS 64 accurately detects the liquid level. With the smallest antenna of its kind and exceptional focusing, it delivers outstanding performance every time. Simply world-class.
Vox Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BI39
Japanese high performance food packaging machines:
    Automatic cup sealing machines for plastic cup deserts and pet foods.
    Individual tray rice cooking system (aseptic and retort) for RTE cooked rice.
    "DANGAN" series high speed automatic filling & packing machines for liquid and paste and high quality plastic films.
Winner Inter Plas Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AE41
Winner Inter Plas Co., Ltd. is the Thailand’s finest plastic injection molding manufacturer in plastic pallets, bins, containers and others. Our product lines are manufactured with highest precision, reliability and quality under the trademark “Dino Plus”. We produce and distribute our products with highest standard in order to meet our customers’ application requirement.
World Steel Pallet Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AD39
WSP provides lighter, stronger, more durable steel pallet which is a way to reduce shipping costs per trip. Made of the most recycled material on earth. WSP steel pallet prevents rust, is flame retardant, does not attract or harbor insects and has superior racking strength compared to traditional pallets.
Wuhan Mecus Machinery Co.,Ltd
Stand No. EB14
Professional Smart Packing/Wrapping System: Fully Auto conveyorized pallet wrapper + Through-Type Top Sheet Dispenser. Long term saving for your time and cost. Get you a better safety, productivity, efficiency and profitability.
Wuhan Rentian Packaging Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AI36
This case packer is widely used for many kinds of boxes and bags with fast speed and high stability. It provides the solution that loads the bags and boxes into carton.
Xi'an Shibo Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BX31
Semi-automatic aseptic filling machine is applicable to the aseptic filling of viscous or non-viscous fluids such as fruit juice , concentrates, jam, vegetable juice, beverage, diary products, pharmacy or other concentrated products, which can aseptically fill aseptic bags in aseptic chamber
Yo Den Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AF22
The SLIT-HSC series slitter is new compact slitter which has automatic tension on unwind and rewind controlled through PLC & MMI. Friction rings are used on rewind shafts to ensure the production of quality slit rolls when the film thickness varies.
Zhangjiagang City Filltech Beverage Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BT39
Filltech is a beverage machine manufacturer, located in Zhangjiagang, China. Mainly for drinking water, juice and tea beverage, carbonated soft drink, beer, condiments, chemicals, our products cover water treatment, processing system, blowing system, filling system, air conveyor and conveyor system, packing system, etc.
Zhangjiagang Golden Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ15
2,000-36,000BPH Automatic Water Production Line from A to Z
2,000-36,000BPH Automatic Juice Production Line from A to Z
2,000-36,000BPH Automatic CSD Production Line from A to Z
Zhongshan To-U Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB39
  1. Compact and space saving design, suitable for limited workshop height within 3,000mm.
  2. Cost saving.
  3. Golden ratio design to make the machine more steady and accurate.
  4. Integrated weighing and packaging system, controlled by one HMI for easy operation.